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58.2 Patch Notes

Our first ever patch notes! Balance updates and a new hero.

Welcome to the first Storybook Brawl Patch notes! Our first week of early access has been absolutely amazing! We want to thank everyone for playing and providing feedback; the game is only going to improve from here. Our plan is to have frequent updates like this throughout early access with bug fixes, features, new cards and card changes. We are a small but passionate team, and it means the world to us to see so many people loving the game!

New Character



[Level 4] 4 Attack, 1 Health. I have the Last Breath abilities of the characters behind me.

Adding just a single character to Storybook Brawl, with such an open ended ability, could lead to many new combinations.

Balance Updates


Shadow Assassin

Old: 2/1 -> New: 1/1

The assassin can get HUGE late game, which we like. But to balance that potential out, we've made it a bit more risky to buy.



Old: 2 cost -> New: 3 cost

Dubly was often dominating the first few turns of the game, getting to numbers other characters could not compete with. This change should still let him get to those crazy high numbers, while being more fair overall.

And most importantly, by popular demand, his name will now change to Triply when you upgrade him!



Old: 3 cost -> New: 2 cost

Crafty swapped costs with Dubly to make sure Fanny still had a few friends at level 2 with her.


Wizard's Familiar

Old: 0/1 -> New: 1/1

This change should make mage builds a bit more common, to help catch up with some of the other tribes.


It Was All A Dream

Old: 5 cost -> New: 4 cost

This spell is a lot of fun and can make for some cool transitions, but is often just a bit too hard to justify spending 5 gold on.


Pup the Magic Dragon

Old: Your characters with Support give an additional +2/+2. -> New: Your characters with Support give an additional +2/+1.

Similar to Dubly, Pup could make some characters nearly impossible to compete with in the early game. Pup should still be a very strong early game hero, while also giving its opponents a better chance to compete early on.



Old: When you cast a spell, give two random characters +1/+1 permanently. -> New: When you cast a spell, give a random character +2/+1 permanently.

Did Merlin cast a spell on the devs to make them think the original version was balanced?


Riverwish Mermaid

Old: Good Monster -> New: Good Princess

The goal is to not only better line up with expectations for her art, but also help give a few more tools for prince/princess compositions.


Potion Master

Old: Snowhere Man-> New: Potion Master

Snowhere man will be returning someday, with a totally new power.


Matchmaking now tries to match players with similar rank together!

New Features

Bug Fixes

Note: this article was originally published on Storybook Brawl's news feed on Steam.