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58.2.1 Patch Notes

Balance changes galore!

Welcome to our latest patch notes! Today we have a number of balance changes as well as some bug fixes. This update is server-side only and won't require any download.

Balance Updates


Pan's Shadow

Old: Your Evil characters cost 1 less. -> New: The first Evil character you buy each round costs 1 less.

Pan's Shadow had the highest average finish of all the heroes. Much of his power came from the ability to buy multiple extra characters in a single round (since level 2 evil characters were 50% cheaper). After this change, he should still have a very strong early game, but be more in line with the power level of other heroes. All players that owned Pan's Shadow before this change will be refunded the dust or gems they spent (and will still own Pan's Shadow).



Old: 4/1 -> New: 4/4 Old: I have the Last Breath abilities of the characters behind me. -> New: After I attack, trigger the Last Breath abilities of the characters behind me.

After introducing the Copycat last patch, many players have enjoyed the crazy combos he has brought to the game. But, his ability to end a brawl before it really even started has been too much. This change will add the risk of Copycat dying before it triggers, while also opening up some new synergies. For example, he will now work more intuitively with cards like Captain Croc, and summon a copy of whatever is in Croc's belly.


Monster Book

Old: 4/4 -> New: 10/4 Old: Last Breath: Cast a random spell on an enemy character. -> New: Last Breath: Cast a random spell. Spell List: Falling Stars, Earthquake, Ride of the Valkyries, Blessing of Athena, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Shrivel, Poison Apple, Disintegrate, Pigomorph Upgraded version now casts two different spells.

The goal with this change is to reduce the frequency that Monster Book Pigomorphs multiple enemies in a single brawl, while also adding some random fun by adding spells like Blessing of Athena to the list.


Deck of Many Things

Old: Level 5 -> New: Level 4 Uses same spell list as Monster Book.

To make up for Deck of Many Things less consistently hitting powerful spells, we are moving it down a level.


Happy Little Tree

Old: After each brawl I gain +2 Health permanently. -> New: I gain +2 Health permanently each round.

Before this change, you had to actually have Happy Little Tree in the brawl for him to grow. Now he can grow even from your hand. (He was so happy when he heard we were buffing him, we considered changing his name to Very Happy Little Tree)


Southern Siren

Old: Slay: Summon an Upgraded exact copy of the slain character. -> New: Summon two exact copies of the slain character.

This change only affects the upgraded version of Southern Siren. Often in the late game, her upgraded text didn't matter because she was slaying an enemy that was already upgraded. Her new version will make her upgraded agility much more impactful.


Three Big Pigs

Old: 9/9 -> New: 15/15 Old: Last Breath: Summon three 3/3 Pigs. -> New: Last Breath: Summon three 5/5 Pigs.

The rest of the dev team thought this power increase was too much! But I huffed and I puffed... and eventually got my way.


Fairy Godmother

Old: 2/2 -> New: 3/3 Old: When one of your Good characters dies, give your good characters +2 Health this brawl. -> New: When one of your Good characters dies, give your good characters +3 Health this brawl.

This should add some power to mid game "Good" synergies, especially with cards like Trojan Donkey.

Quest is one of our favorite Storybook Brawl mechanics. It gives players a viable tool to help ensure they are finding treasures even when they aren't finding triples. To that goal, we've powered up three questers to make sure they are strong enough to actually fill this role.


The Nutcracker

Old: 2/10 -> New: 4/10



Old: Quest: Cast 5 Spells. -> New: Quest: Cast 4 Spells.


Brave Princess

Old: 3/3 -> New: 4/3


Lich's Heart

Lich's Heart is being removed from the game

Storybook Brawl is at its best when it is exciting. We are removing Lich's Heart from the card pool because it can remove so much of the mystery and excitement of who is going to win, and will the defeated player be eliminated, or not?



Romeo will now summon a Juliet as long as Juliet has died at any point in the brawl.

This means it will work more consistently when you have two copies of Romeo and one Juliet, and work better when you copy its ability.

Bug Fixes

Note: this article was originally published on Storybook Brawl's news feed on Steam.