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59.1 Patch Notes

Try out heroes in the new Free Hero Slot!

New Feature: Free Hero Slot

You can now try out locked heroes, for free, when they show up in your second hero slot! This is an exciting upgrade to Storybook Brawl. And we think it will be a lot of fun having free "trial runs" with heroes you haven't had a chance to play yet.

Here are the details on how each hero slot works in the new patch:

First hero - This hero will always be one of the following heroes: Geppetto, Krampus, Mrs. Claus, Jack's Giant, Hoard Dragon, The Fates, Merlin, and Pup the Magic Dragon. These heroes are good introductions to the game, providing clear goals and showcasing some of the more important and interesting mechanics in the game. We are giving these 8 heroes for free to all players.

Second hero - This hero is randomly chosen from all other heroes, and is unlocked for a free trial run even if you don't own the hero yet.

Third and fourth heroes - These are randomly chosen from all other heroes, and you must own the hero to choose it.

As a note, some of the heroes that were temporarily free to play can now show up in slot 3 or 4 during hero select. When they do, they will need to be unlocked to be played. (Before they always showed up in slot 1 or 2 and didn't ever need to be unlocked to be played)

Fairy Dust Rewards

This new patch brings better fairy dust rewards in PvP!

And did you know that your first top 4 each day earns you a large +200 fairy dust reward? Now you will see your first win of the day bonus in the results screen!

Storybook Brawl should be very fun and rewarding for free to play players. We believe the increased fairy dust rewards in PvP, combined with free hero trials will go a long way to this goal.

And while we want playing practice games to feel rewarding, we don't want them to have better rewards than non-practice games. Because practice games tend to have easier opponents and can be played much faster (no timer), they were previously the quickest way to earn Fairy Dust. To better line up the rewards, practice games will now give out half of the Fairy Dust rewards listed above.

Balance Updates



Old: 2/2 -> New: 3/2

Lucky is hard to justify when it so rarely can trade with enemy characters. The extra point of attack should help allow players to go for the greed.



Old: 6/6 -> New: 10/6

Doombreath was the least purchased level 6 character. It's a cool tech piece to answer Supports and buildarounds that hide in the back row, but with only 6 Attack it was challenging to actually make it fill that role.



Old: Get a plain copy of the first enemy character that dies this brawl. -> New: Get an exact copy of the first enemy character that dies this brawl.

Kidnap grabbing exact copies (with buffs and upgrades) helps line it up with Gloves of Thieving and puts a few extra power points in it.



Old: Transform your characters into random characters one level higher this brawl. -> New: Transform your characters into random characters two levels higher this brawl.

We want Mixawizzle to provide hope when things aren't going so well for you, or you're facing a particularly tough opponent. Our hope here is that Mixawizzle remains risky, but with potential upside to justify buying it sometimes.



Old: 1 cost -> New: 2 cost Old: Give enemy Ranged characters -10 Attack this brawl. -> New: Enemy ranged characters lose half of their Attack this brawl.

Fog often felt ineffective at countering larger ranged enemies. This should help make sure it hits bigger things harder. It's also worth noting that this rounds down, meaning 3 attack ranged characters will go to 1 attack.


Phoenix Feather

Old: Level 6 -> New: Level 7

Phoenix Feather has risen to level 7. It was one of the most consistently chosen level 6 treasures, and should be more on par in power with other level 7s.


Summoning Portal

Old: Level 6 -> New: Level 5

Summoning Portal was tough to justify over other level 6 treasures even when playing summon-heavy strategies. This change should allow you to justify it more often.


Fool's Gold

Old: +3 Gold each round. Your shop stops selling spells. -> New: +4 Gold each round. Your shop stops selling spells.

Not seeing spells anymore is a steep price, and getting 4 gold each turn helps make it worthwhile.


Ruby Slippers

Old: When you lose a brawl, take 2 less damage. -> New: When you lose a brawl, you gain +2 Health.

This change is clarifying that Ruby Slippers is essentially gaining health. It does not change the functionality; you will still survive if the +2 Health keeps you above 0.

Treasure Changes

Bug Fixes and New Features

59.2 Hotfix

UPDATED: July 13, 2021

Note: this article was originally published on Storybook Brawl's news feed on Steam.