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59.2.1 Patch Notes

Quality of life card changes and a couple new features.

Welcome to patch 58.3.1! This has some quality of life card changes as well as a couple new features and bug fixes. As a note, this is a server only build, so the card changes won’t show up in the card gallery.

Card Changes



Old: 0/1 -> New: 1/1

It’s very rare, but occasionally Echowood can get to monster health totals without having any attack, which can lead to super drawn out fights. This change is to prevent that, without meaningfully impacting Echowood’s power level. (And now when she would have had 1,000 attack, it will be 1,001 instead!)


Trojan Donkey (Upgraded Version)

Old: When I survive damage, summon a random Upgraded character. -> New: When I survive damage, summon a random character of your level.

Upgraded Trojan Donkey was one of the few characters that could summon Upgraded characters, making it capable of dealing huge chunks of player damage early in the game. Now, the Upgraded Donkey will summon characters whose level is equal to your hero’s level, that are not upgraded. This change should reduce the damage an early Upgraded Donkey is capable of, while also making Donkey a more enticing option later in the game.


Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay can now get multiple treasures if you gain health and drop below 20 again

Update to Copied Spells

Before, when spells like Beauty’s Influence or True Love’s Kiss were cast twice, the second cast wouldn’t do anything because the character it was cast on had changed out from under it. We are changing how some of these spells work. The spells listed below will now double their effects when copied:

Treasure Timeout

When you run out of time picking a treasure, you will now get to choose your treasure when you return to the shop after the brawl. (Skipping a treasure after running out of time does not give any Gold.)

Bug Fixes

59.2.2 Patch Notes

UPDATED: July 26, 2021

We just have a small batch of bug fixes this week as we're working on some bigger features coming down the road. (This update is server-side only and doesn't require any download.)

Note: this article was originally published on Storybook Brawl's news feed on Steam.