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Early Access Celebration Announcement

Details for the August 14th event.

Welcome to the Early Access Celebration! Today we'll break down the players, what they are playing for, the event rules, and our plans for coverage for the August 14th event.


Top 16 ladder

Mock Tournament Winner

7 community invites


*Future tournament details TBD, but tentatively planned for some time in September, and should have a larger prize.


Coverage will be run by Parney (aka Telemokos) and starts on August 14 at 2pm Pacific time. LSV, Matt Nass, and Matt Place will be joining him on camera. We will also be doing giveaways for free hero codes during the broadcast!

Rules and Format


Tiebreakers for Points


Note: this announcement was originally published on Storybook Brawl's news feed on Steam.