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Patch 60.2 Notes

Our biggest patch yet!

Welcome to patch 60.2, the “Puff Puff gets Buff Buffed” patch!

This is our biggest patch yet including balance updates, new features, and bug fixes.

Balance Updates


Turkish Delight

Old: Gain +3 Health and +1 XP. -> New: Gain +1 XP.


The End

Old: Devour a character to gain +1 XP. -> New: Devour a character to gain Health equal to its level and +1 XP. Old: 2 cost. -> New: 3 cost.

It's nice to have a simple baseline for XP gain in Turkish Delight, and The End scaling off the devoured character adds an interesting angle to it as well.

In Storybook Brawl, leveling faster than your opponents is a huge advantage. We’ve changed these +XP spells to make them a bit weaker, and more properly balance the question “Are you strong enough to lose short term power for long term gain?”


Good Boy

Old: 5/5 -> New: 3/3

We either had to change Good Boy’s name to Too Good Boy, or nerf him. We decided not to change his name.

This is a minor nerf and we will be paying attention to how “good” he is after this change.


Heartwood Elder

Old: Treant Support: +1/+2 permanently. -> New: Treant Support: +2/+2 permanently.

Attack buffs are what most Treants want since they already have such high health totals, so this change should make Heartwood Elder much more satisfying to play with.

We are making small stat changes to a number of characters that felt a bit below rate:


The Chupacabra

Old: 5/5 -> New: 7/5


Puff Puff

Old: 5/5 -> New: 6/6



Old: 6/6 -> New: 7/7



Old: Last Breath: If Juliet is dead, summon her and give her +6/+6 this brawl. -> New: If Juliet is dead, summon her and give her +7/+7 this brawl.


Nian, Sea Terror

Old: 8/8 -> New: 10/10


Southern Siren

Old: 8/8 -> New: 10/10


Rotten Appletree

Old: 0/15 -> New: 0/18


Peter Pants

Now guaranteed to see a level 2 character on turn 1. We’ve also made some fixes to how Peter Pants works when picked with “It Was All a Dream”. You will now get Pants bonuses for each level above 3 when picked, and can continue gaining bonuses if you are already level 6.

Hitting all 3s on turn one with Pan can be very frustrating and uninteresting. We’ve removed that possibility.



Old: Your level 5 and 6 characters cost 2 less Gold. -> New: Your level 4, 5, and 6 characters cost 3 Gold.

Xelhua may have been the weakest hero in the game, so our goal this patch is to make a significant change. Not only will he start saving you gold a whole level sooner, but he now cuts the cost of level 6s in half.


Morgan Le Fay

When you drop below 20 health, pick a treasure of your level. -> New: When you drop below 20 health, and when you drop below 5 health, pick a treasure of your level.

This gives a bit of power points to Morgan, and gives an exciting moment to see if you can hit the 1-4 sweet spot for an extra treasure.

New Features

Bug Fixes

Updated Art

60.3 Hotfix Patch

UPDATED: August 17, 2021

Note: this article was originally published on Storybook Brawl's news feed on Steam.