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Patch 61.1 Notes

New heroes, new skins, new characters!

Welcome to Patch 61.1. Our largest patch to date includes:

New Hero Skins

We are adding two new hero skins to Storybook Brawl! Dragon Mother Gwen and Morgan of the Rose. Illustrated by the amazing artist, Ekaterina Chesalova. They are available in the store for 200 gems each (or 300 if you don’t own the base hero). We are a small indie team with a dream, and we are thankful to everyone who has considered supporting Storybook Brawl.


New Heroes

Not one, but TWO new heroes approach! Mihri, King Lion and Fallen Angel.


Mihri, King Lion

Your Princes and Princesses have +2/+2 for each Prince and Princess you've Upgraded.

“I am Mihri, king of kings. Look upon my animal court, ye Mighty, and be joyful! The lush and level savannah stretches far away."

A huge boost to Prince and Princess builds. Especially in the late game, because King Lion remembers how many times you’ve completed a quest or found three of a prince or princess over the course of the entire game!


Fallen Angel

Your characters have +2 Attack if you have three Evil characters, and +2 Health if you have three Good characters.

This hero rewards you for taking a totally different path than normal, and we love that.

Please note that this bonus works for the rest of the brawl, if at any point during that brawl you had 3 evil and/or 3 good characters. So if you start the brawl with 3 of each, you will have the bonus the rest of that brawl. And if you start with just two good characters, but summon a third good character, you will have the +2 Health the rest of that brawl.

King Lion and Fallen Angel will always be presented to two different players in every game, and always in slot 4. Then, in about a month, they will both move to the regular hero pool. So at first, they won’t be available for a “free trial” in slot 2.

New Characters


Shoulder Faeries

[Level 6] 1/1, At the start of each brawl, I gain the Attack of your strongest Evil character and the Health of your healthiest Good character.

One of our goals is to create new characters and heroes that increase the variety of viable late game builds. Storybook Brawl’s newest character can have HUGE stats in the late game, with the right team. Will it push players into a new late game direction?


Baby Bugbear

[Level 3] 2/2, Last Breath: Your next shop sells a character that is one level higher than your hero.

Help Baby Bugbear find her mother!

Having a 2/2 in the midgame can be costly, but the upside potential is huge! Her Last Breath ability will finish resolving when you get back to the shop, after your hero gains XP. So if you just hit level 4, she will put a level 5 character into the shop.

Balance Changes



Old: 4/12, When you cast a spell, give your Mages +1 Attack Permanently. -> New: 6/12, When you cast a spell, give your Mages +1 Attack Permanently. Slay: Your spells cost 1 less next round.

Mage builds are more fun when you play Aon than when he's simply a bench warmer. This buff should also increase the play rates of Mages.


The End

Old: Level 3 -> New: Level 4

The End was causing issues with too much life gain in Peter Pants builds using Merlin's Hat and Crystal Ball. This will keep it out of Peter's hands while keeping the card itself the same.


Wild Growth

Old: 2 Cost -> New: 4 Cost

The growth potential on this card is absolutely wild! We love having cards like this that have crazy potential. But we would like the truly crazy numbers to be rare. So we have moved this up a couple levels to both reduce its frequency and to help balance it with the hero Celestial Tiger.



Old: 4/4, Slay: +4 Health this brawl. -> New: 3/4, Slay: +1/+1 permanently.

Vain-Pire’s old ability wasn’t great, and often didn’t do anything even when the Slay triggered. Chupacabra was more than happy to trade its ability to Vain-Pire. (It is true what they say about Chup, he has the biggest, most generous heart of any evil creature you will ever meet.)


The Chupacabra

Old: Slay: +1/+2 permanently. -> New: Slay: Give the characters behind me +1/+1 permanently.

Just when you think Chup’s benevolence couldn’t surprise you any more! His new Slay ability should make for some interesting choices for back row buff targets.


Toil and Trouble

Old: 3 Cost -> New: 2 Cost


Merlin's Test

Old: +3/+3 -> New: +4/+4

We enjoy these buff spells but they have very low pick rates. Each got a buff to help players justify buying them.


Ruby Slippers


The overlap of this card’s design and Ring of Regeneration made us want to cut one and open the slot up for better, more interesting designs in the future.


Princess Wight

Old: 4 Cost 2/8 -> New: 3 cost 1/3

Our goal is to give players more reason to have Princess Wight lead their late game dwarf teams. Having her available earlier will help with completing her quest sooner and get her to larger late game stats.


Prince Arthur

Old: 4 cost 4/5 -> New: 3 cost 3/3

This is a big change! As always, we like having a healthy variety of viable late game comps and this change should help put a lot more Princess and Prince builds into the late game.


The Nutcracker

Old: Quest 5 -> New: Quest 4

Some have commented that he looks like some sort of cookie man made out of gingerbread. This is not true. He is actually made of wood so please don’t nibble.


Hungry Hungry Hippocampus

Old: 3 cost 5/1 +1 Health -> New: 4 cost 10/1 +2 Health

For 1 more cost he is getting a huge upgrade to his stats and ability. Once again the goal is to increase the variety of late game characters.



Old: 3/6 -> New: 4/8

This upgrade obviously gives a boost to mid-game dwarves, and should also make +Health supports and spells more interesting with her.



Old: +2/+2 -> New: +3/+3

Gepetto is a fun hero but lacking a bit in power, so we’ve buffed his buffs!


Dracula's Saber

Old: +2 Attack -> New: +2/+1

An upgrade for one of the weaker level 5 treasures.


Corrupted Heartwood

Old: Your Treants are Evil and have +3 Attack. -> New: Your Animals and Treants are Evil and have +1 Attack.

This card is changing back to the powers it had in closed alpha. We missed the interesting, unique builds this enabled for animal and treant teams.


Bad Moon

Old: +1/+1 -> New: +1/+2

Another upgrade to one of the weaker treasures.


Gilded Harp


Gilded Harp is a way to deal huge damage very early in the game in a way that can be frustrating to play against. The risk with this card is also much higher with the Prince Arthur change in this patch, so we removed it from the game.


Coin of Charon

Old: +3/+3 -> New: +4/+4

Coin of Charon had some room in terms of power, and this also differentiates it a bit from Hidden Cache.

Bug Fixes

61.1 Hotfix

UPDATED: September 1, 2021

Bug Fixes

Note: this article was originally published on Storybook Brawl's news feed on Steam.