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Patch 61.1.1 Notes

Balance changes and fixing transformations.

Welcome to Patch 61.1.1 ! This patch has a few balance changes in addition to bug fixes (mostly centering around some issues with transformation of characters).

Balance Changes

As a note, these changes will not show up in the collection screen until the next client update.


Prince Arthur

Old: 3 cost 3/3 -> New: 4 cost 5/5

Prince/Princess strategies were showing up too much in games and presenting numbers too big for such a linear strategy. Long term we’d like to find other ways to increase the viability of these builds, but for now we’re reverting Arthur.


The Round Table

Old: 6 cost -> New: 7 cost

The Round Table is one of the best treasures in the game, and has too consistently led to monster Treant builds when you find it. Level 7 fits its power level better.


Heartwood Elder

Old: Neutral 2/9 -> New: Good 5/7

With Round Table harder to find we wanted to give some love back to Treants. So we’re giving a slight buff to Heartwood Elder to hopefully make it more appealing in the midgame.


Gingerbread Party

Old: 4 cost -> New: 3 cost

Imagine throwing a party and having no one show up! The Gingerbread Witch asked us to reduce the cost by one on her spell, and we listen to the players AND our characters.

Bug Fixes

Note: this article was originally published on Storybook Brawl's news feed on Steam.