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December Championship Qualifier Details

Announcing the December Championship Qualifier, which takes place on December 18-19. This tournament qualifies for the Spring Championship.

Announcing the December Championship Qualifier! This tournament qualifies for March’s Spring Championship. It will take place the weekend of December 18-19. Remember - you must be a member of the Storybook Brawl Discord to participate. Here are the details:


Anyone who reached Mythic rank in October or November (finished with greater than 4,000 ranked points) is invited to play in the December Championship Qualifier. If you plan to play and haven't already, please join the official Storybook Brawl Discord and use the !signup “your sbb game name” command in the #tournament-signup channel. You must have signed up in Discord by Sunday, December 12 in order to participate. The full list of qualified players can be found here and here.


Placement Prize
1st $1,000
2nd $600
3rd $300
4th $200
5th-8th $100
1st-8th Invite to Spring Championship
1st-16th Super Pan bundle code
17th-32nd 700-gem code


Day One

Finish Points
1st 10
2nd 8
3rd 7
4th 6
5th 4
6th 3
7th 2
8th 1

Day 1 Flight Times

Day Time
Friday 4p PST / 12a UTC
Friday 7p PST / 3a UTC
Saturday 3a PST / 11a UTC
Saturday 6a PST / 2p UTC
Saturday 9a PST / 5p UTC
Saturday 12p PST / 8p UTC
Saturday 3p PST / 11p UTC

Day 2

Tiebreakers for Points



Note: this announcement was originally published on Storybook Brawl's news feed on Steam.