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Storybook Brawl Gives Back

Every $ awarded in this weekend's tourney will be matched and given to the charity of that player's choice

Here at Storybook Brawl, we believe that gaming is more than just the time spent in game, it's also about great communities and giving back whenever we can. With that in mind, the Storybook Brawl team is very proud to announce Storybook Brawl Gives Back! With this initiative, we are committing to doing acts of social good for the community throughout 2022. This may take various shapes and sizes throughout the year, but our hope is that this year we can bring both fantastic gameplay and positive change to our community.

To start things off, we are excited to announce that we will be matching every dollar awarded in this weekend’s January Championship Qualifier to the charity of each player’s choice! Here is how this will work. After the Top 8 players of the tournament are determined on Sunday, each player will choose a charity that they will be playing for. At the end of the tournament, the Top 8 players will all receive their cash prizes, and a matching donation will be made to the charity chosen by that player - the full $2,500!

Here are a few of the charities that players may be playing for this weekend:

Thank you to everyone for being part of our growing community and be sure to tune-in to the official broadcast this Sunday at 10am PST at twitch.tv/storybookbrawl