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LSV's Killer Combos

LSV takes a look at some sweet killer combos for SBB

Welcome to the first of many dev articles on StorybookBrawl.com! I’m LSV, one of the devs (and broadcasters), and today I’ll be taking a look at some sweet SBB combos that you might not be aware of. One of the fun parts about any card game is how many awesome combinations there are, many of which are more than the sum of their parts. Let’s take a look at some of the best SBB combos out there.

Ring of Meteors + Darkwood Creeper

This is one of the more popular combos, as these two cards work perfectly together. When you have Creeper + Ring, all your characters get a permanent +1 Attack buff each brawl, and you even get to pick off any stray 1-health characters on the other side. Another neat thing about this combo is that you get extra value every time you see a Falling Stars show up in the shop. This gets especially brutal if you can upgrade Creeper, and is a great early/midgame combo.

Lightning Dragon + Riverwish Mermaid

At the start of each brawl, Lightning Dragon darts over to the other side and eats something. It almost always racks up a kill, especially given how back row characters tend to be smaller than front row, so Riverwish Mermaid is the perfect card to pair with it. For bonus credit, look for other Slay pieces like Baba Yaga, Horn of Olympus, and Evil Eye. I’ve built some pretty sick dragons in my day, and enjoy assembling this combo when I can.

Soltak Ancient + Copycat

The struggle with Copycat is always where to place it. If you put it in slot 1, there’s only one character behind it, so you aren’t getting full value from the trigger. However, if it’s in slot 2, the risk it never gets to attack goes up dramatically, and you could lose out on everything. That’s where Soltak Ancient comes in (or any other 0-attack character, though Soltak is the best). By placing a Soltak in slot 1, Copycat in slot 2 will attack as soon as it’s your first turn, giving you full value from two Last Breath triggers. Plus, Soltak even protects one of those backrow characters, making it more likely your engine works.

Mixawizzle + True Love's Kiss

Mixawizzle is my favorite spell, and part of that is how many sweet combos it has. The way you can get extra value from the Wizzle is to transform the character afterwards, as you then get to keep the new character permanently. For example, you Mixawizzle a level 3 character and it becomes a random level 4. You then cast True Love’s Kiss on that level 4, and you get a level 5 that you get to keep forever. That’s a sick chain, and you can end up with a level 5 or 6 character way ahead of schedule. For bonus points, try and transform upgraded characters, since getting an upgraded high-level character is awesome. Other ways to use Mixawizzle are to upgrade the character by tripling or casting Knighthood on it, as you then get to keep it as well. One of my favorite plays with Gwen is to save the Knighthood and combine it with Mixawizzle for a nice midgame power spike.

Polywoggle + Grim Soul

One of my favorite combos is Polly + Grim Soul. I’ll often have a Polly on my bench for a while, then as soon as I pick up a Soul and hit level 5, slot them both in for just one fight (with Grim Soul in the front row and Polywoggle in the back, no other slays on the team). Unless something weird goes on with spells or dragons, this guarantees you a transform on the Pollywoggle. You usually want to do this right when you hit level 5, so you get a level 6 character, with bonus points if you’ve managed to upgrade Pollywoggle by then. This combo can slot in to any comp that doesn’t have a bunch of Slays, and is a great way to get ahead of your opponents.

The Sky’s the Limit

This is far from an exhaustive list of combos in the game, and there are plenty that haven’t even been discovered yet. Keep on Brawling and you’ll discover many of your own, and hopefully these will help you if you hadn’t run into them yet!