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GDC Giveaway to Support Artists and Charity

SBB founder Matt Nass details the GDC giveaway and our vision for it

In case you missed it, we recently announced our exciting acquisition by FTX. We explained that we are open to exploring what using the blockchain could offer, but only adopt those that follow our guiding principles:

  1. Fun comes first
  2. Any integration has to be ethical and make the game better for players
  3. Storybook Brawl will continue to be a game we are proud of and love

We felt that this huge announcement as well as our participation at the Game Developers Conference this week was a great opportunity to experiment, and I would like to outline our process and goals here.

Digital Asset Giveaway at GDC

To commemorate GDC, we are giving away free digital assets for the artwork of Humpty Dumpty, Romeo, Good Boy, Juliet, Wombats in Disguise, and Bearstein. You can see the specifics of the giveaway and how to claim here.

Optional and 100% Outside of the Game

Fun comes first, and the player experience is paramount. That is why this experiment is completely optional and separate from Storybook Brawl's gameplay.

If you would find joy in exploring this with us, that's great. If you are not interested, that's also perfectly fine and this will not impact your experience with the game in any way.

Non-profit. Support the Artists

We feel that the gaming industry can do a much better job of supporting the incredible artists that create beautiful illustrations for the games we love. This experiment is an exploration into additional ways to benefit our artists.

100% of any money that would ever be made from transactions of these assets will be given away. Neither FTX nor GLG will profit from this collection.

FTX charges a 10% fee to the seller on each sale or trade on these assets. Of that, 50% will automatically be paid directly to the artist of the piece, and the remaining 50% goes to the FTX Charity Foundation.

Note that this does not replace or supplement paying the artists normally. These payments will be in addition to their standard compensation for their amazing work on Storybook Brawl.

Meet the Artists

The purpose of this experiment is to create something positive for the artists, so let's meet them!


Felipe Gonçalves do Nascimento

Felipe (Humpy Dumpty) is an incredible artist who has done a number of our favorite pieces in the game. You can find more of his artwork here.


Kate (Ekaterina) Chesalova

Kate (Romeo, Good Boy, Juliet, Wombats in Disguise, Bearstein) is a master of the fantasy/fairytale elements and has helped us capture this aesthetic throughout the game. You can find more of her artwork here.