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Behind the Art - New Frame Sketches

A sneak peak of the new frame sketches the Art team is working on

As we work towards taking Storybook Brawl from Early Access to Full Launch, one of the places we are focusing on improving is our visuals. Fortunately, we recently brought on superstar artist Rafael Zanchetin to take a crack at updating our card frames. One overarching goal here is to make our card frames feel like they fit in with our Celtic Storybook style. Let’s take a look at some of the early sketches along with a few underlying goals!

Hero Frame Goals


Character Frame Goals


Spell and Treasure Frame Goals


I hope everyone enjoyed this inside look at the beginnings of work on our new card frames. We are excited to share more inside looks at our process as we build out this awesome game. We’ll keep you posted with updates on these frames, as well as work on other features as they come in.

Remember: Storybook Brawl is still in Early Access, so we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!