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The Untapped.gg Storybook Brawl Twitch Overlay is Here!

We have an exciting partnership announcement!

All of us over at Good Luck Games are proud to announce that we are kicking off a partnership with Untapped.gg. They are well-known for their excellent Twitch overlays and analytics work, and are releasing their Storybook Brawl Twitch Overlay today!



This overlay has great features for both players and streamers alike. It lets you see information on mouseover such as your opponent's last known team and treasure, and all the characters available at each hero level. Wondering how many Dragons there are for that Dragon nest? Curious what that Merlin had a few turns ago? Take a look at these features in action!


As a streamer, using the Untapped.gg extension allows your viewers to mouseover cards in play or hand, whether they be characters, treasures, or spells. That provides an onramp for unfamiliar viewers, and a more in-depth experience for those who have played the game. This has been one of the most-requested features since Storybook Brawl went into Early Access, and we couldn't ask for a better partner than Untapped.gg to make it happen. Also, if you stream Magic, you'll have access to the Storybook Brawl overlay without needing an additional download - both overlays are run via the same extension. I certainly appreciate that, and have been an avid user of Untapped for quite some time.

Future Plans

Players familiar with Untapped.gg's analytics sites for Magic and Hearthstone already know how many opportunities there are for game data. Untapped.gg is planning on providing personal stats, metagame insights, and more - keep an eye out as we work on it.

Free Code

We hope you are as excited about this partnership as we are - to celebrate it, we are releasing the code STORYBOOK-UNTAPPED. If you redeem this in-game by the end of March, you get enough dust for three free heroes! Now you've got no excuse not to try out that hero you've been dodging (you gotta sharpen those skills so the analytics look good).

To Download

To download the Untapped.gg overlay visit sbb.untapped.gg. To learn more about Storybook Brawl, visit the Steam page.