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Patch Notes 69


Welcome to the patch notes for Patch 69.0! There are some impactful changes in this patch, though it’s on the smaller side. Our plan is to have this be a small balance patch that cuts Trees down to size while making a few more card changes, with a larger content patch coming in the future. We’ve also got some awesome art changes and feature additions, so be sure to check those out.

LSV & Matt Place discuss the new changes

Card Changes

I Speak For the Trees

Treants enjoyed a resurgence these last few patches, mostly thanks to the addition of Burning Tree. Not only did Burning Tree get tons of stats from Ashwood Elm and other attack bonuses, that also made Echowood go off, leading to a ridiculous collection of stats. Treants were a bit too strong as a result, though as far as comps go, Treants is a pretty honest one. Stats, stats, and more stats are what they offer, with Robin Wood being the only ranged one in the bunch. Still, in the interests of shaking things up and balancing things, we are making two changes to Treants in this patch.


Ashwood - 0/15

Ashwood Elm losing five points of health also means it gives five less points of attack to itself and your other trees. That’s a big hit, and it will chip away at the amount of stats Treants ends up with.


Burning Tree - 0/20

Burning Tree is also losing five points of stats, as it goes from 5/20 to 0/20. This not only makes Burning Tree a little weaker anytime you run it, but makes the cost of speculating on Burning Tree higher. At 5/20, it’s almost always right to buy Burning Tree to go along with something like Sporko or Ring of Rage, and immediately have some good board presence. At 0/20, that cost goes up a lot, as a 0/20 to start isn’t the most impressive. The hope is that these changes combined make Treants a solid part of the metagame instead of being at the top of it.

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing - Cut

You can shear a sheep many times, but skin it only once, and that time is now for Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing. This was a disappointing level four character, and a reluctant buy at best for Animal comps. We are retiring it for now, as we go back to the lab and see what this slot can do for us.


Feasting Dragon - 4 cost 5/8

I did say that I’d get Feasting Dragon on the board, and this change certainly won’t hurt. The effect of Feasting Dragon is fun, but at level five it didn’t start buffing the shop fast enough to be worth going for. At level four (with adjusted stats), the dinner bell rings earlier and more often.


Baby Bear - 2/2 -> 4/4 -> 6/6

Animals have needed a little help, and making Baby Bear (and its subsequent family members) a bit larger might make it just right. This isn’t a massive change, but every point counts.


Tweedle - 10/3

Tweedle went from the best level four character to a middling level five character, leaving some room for a little stat buff.


Hi Ho - 3 cost

Hi Ho was feeling a bit clunky at four, and even when in Dwarves wasn’t a must-buy. We are trying it at three gold, which should help Dwarves strike gold a little more often.


Pan's Shadow - 45 HP

Our last change is to Pan’s Shadow, where five extra health will give you the opportunity to take full advantage of the lategame ability.

Art Changes

Thanks to our new 3D Art Lead, Genevieve St-Michel, we’ve got some sweet upgrades to the playmat. Here are the changes she’s made for this patch:

Feature Additions


Bug Fixes & Improvements