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2022 Storybook Brawl Roadmap

We've got big plans for Storybook Brawl's future, read on to learn more!

Hi all, Matt Nass here and I’m going to break down our roadmap for Storybook Brawl. We’re not using dates on this roadmap, as things are always in flux, but we’ve separated our roadmap into three groups, short, medium, and long term. We’ll look at some things that are happening soon, some things that we know we want to do, but may be a little later on, and some of our more long term explorations.


Coming Soon

Coming soon, we have an announcement regarding the SBB Pro club, which will allow players to earn benefits based on consistent performance in our tournaments, as well as version 1 of our new profile screen, which will show players stats as well as their match history.


SBB Pro Club

As our Organized Play heats up, we are excited to present the Storybook Brawl Pro Club. This program will reward consistent finishes, and grant bonuses to players who perform well throughout the year.

Cosmetic Select

One of our most anticipated features is the ability to choose which emotes you have access to, and this will let you mix and match from your different heroes.

Mute Emotes

With great power comes great responsibility, and not everyone wields emotes responsibly. As such, we will be giving you the ability to mute emotes.

Profile Screen

Once profile screen launches, you'll be able to see more personalized stats, including your most-winning hero, previous comps, and more.

More Cosmetics

Everyone loves a sweet hero skin, and we've got more coming!

Cards and Balance Patches

The design team is hard at work (or hardly working?) on new cards and a more significant content patch, so keep an eye out for a shakeup on the gameplay front.

On deck

Next, we’ll look at introducing our updated board and frames, which you may have already seen our initial concepts for. We’ll also look to take our first steps towards mobile, with a beta where a small group of players have access. The Hero Bar on the left will get an update that will give players more information about who they are facing next, like win/lose streak, tribe information, and hero text. Spectator mode will be used both for tournaments, and allow players to spectate other players' games in group lobbies.


Updated Board & Frames

Our art team is hard at work, and we are planning on revamping both the game board and card frames. For a sneak peek of this, check out this article we recently published.

Mobile Launch (Beta)

Being able to play Storybook Brawl on mobile is something we are all looking forward to. With our beta launch, you'll get a shot at assembling your dream comp from your phone.

Seasonal Rewards

While we've got Battle Pass, Quests, and Achievements coming down the road, Seasonal Rewards for how you finish each month is something we are looking at doing sooner. Once these launch, you'll have more to look forward to each month.

Hero Bar Updates

When we say "Hero Bar", we don't mean the local joint where all the heroes hang out (though that does sound cool). This is the bar on the left side during your game, which shows enemy health totals and who you are fighting next, and we are looking to overhaul it for greater clarity and polish.

Spectator Mode

Being able to watch the end of your group games is a great way to kill time if you get eliminated early, and spectator mode is also huge for tournament broadcasts.

Untapped.gg Stats Site

The great folks at Untapped.gg are working hard on their Storybook Brawl stats site, and once it launches it will be a great resource for anyone who enjoys Brawling.

New Card Illustrations

While we can't promise the Trashcan (Turkish Delight) will be safe, we are excited to see new illustrations from the art team.

Down the Road

Long term, we are looking towards a number of features to help players feel progression in ways outside their rank like Quests, Achievements, and Battle Pass. We’ll also look to get Storybook Brawl translated in a number of languages so that players all over the world can play. Once we get to a place we’re happy with these important features, we’ll fully release the game on mobile, and take the game to a public full launch.


First Expansion

The first expansion will be much more than a balance patch, and will definitely change the metagame significantly. We will share more details as we can on this, since it's one of our most exciting future plans.

Character Voice Over

As great as the music is in SBB, the characters have their own stories to share as well. Character VO will continue to flesh out the polish of the game, and make each character that much more memorable.

Battle Pass

A battle pass system is in the works, where you can earn additional rewards for playing. This is one of our most-requested features, and we aim to deliver on it.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests add a lot of fun to each day, and can help give you reasons to step out of your comfort zone while playing.


Everyone loves making progress, and achievements give you fun goals to aim for.

Social Features

As we continue to build out the community around SBB, more social features are planned. We are investigating which of these are the most valuable, and will update you as we get closer to them.


Translating SBB into a bunch of additional languages is important to growing the global audience, and making sure everyone is included.

Advanced Tooltips

Advanced tooltips are part of making gameplay clearer, and will provide more info about different cards and game elements.

Updated UI

Our user interface has plenty of spots where it could improve, and we are tackling them one by one. This is more of a continuous process, as we are always looking for ways to make the game clearer and more streamlined.

VFX Improvements

This is another continuous process, and we will keep adding good visuals to the game as we get them.

Public Launch

Lastly, we've got the public launch, which we are all excited for. This will be the culmination of our improvements to the game, and we look forward to getting there (with your help!).

I hope you enjoyed this look into our plans for the future of Storybook Brawl. Our team is super excited about where the game is headed and think it will only get better from here!