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Patch Notes 70.6

Welcome to Patch Notes for v70.6! There’s a lot of action in this patch, with new characters, treasures, and spells being added, as well as other balance changes, a profile page, the ability to mute emotes, and more! Let’s dive in.

Welcome to the patch notes for Patch 70.6! There are some impactful changes in this patch, though it’s on the smaller side. Our plan is to have this be a small balance patch that cuts Trees down to size while making a few more card changes, with a larger content patch coming in the future. We’ve also got some awesome art changes and feature additions, so be sure to check those out.

New Cards


Water Wraith - Level 3 - Evil Monster - 3/3 - When a character next to me dies, I gain +1/+1 permanently.

Water Wraith adds another positioning puzzle to the mix (I wonder what PV would say about that). If the right characters die, it becomes well-hydrated, leaving the opponent in dire straits.


Cursed Throne - Level 3 - Treasure - Your Royals are also Monsters and have "Slay: +1/+1 permanently."

Your Royals become more powerful, but at the cost of their humanity (those that were human, of course). Cursed Throne opens the door to a Royals/Monsters crossover, and gives more Slay options as well.


Hermes' Magic Beans - Level 4 - 0 cost Spell - You attack first this brawl.

The Magic Beans are useful if you need to guarantee you attack first, and can also just be cast for free to get your spell count up. Spells that vary in value over the course of the game are the most interesting, and this certainly qualifies.


Blaze of Glory - Level 4 - 2 cost Spell - Give a character +10 Attack this brawl.

Lancelot just got another friend, with Blaze of Glory helping win fights, increase Slay odds, and give the lucky few who have Hat-Ball another targeted spell.

Card Changes


All Princes, Princesses, and Queen are now type Royal.

We decided to consolidate all of these types into one, which makes text boxes more efficient and makes more sense flavor-wise (we had some outliers, like Queen of Hearts, who should definitely count for cards that impact Royals, and now does).


Lonely Prince -> When you buy another Royal, I transform into a 5/5 Frog Prince.

As a result of the type update, Lonely Prince no longer needs to find a princess, but any Royal (excluding other copies of himself - that wouldn't make much sense).

Name/Type Changes


Oni King -> Oni Tyrant

Storm King -> Scion of the Storm

Great Pumpkin King -> The Great Pumpkin

Prince Arthur -> King Arthur

Copycat -> Animal Mage

Baba Yaga -> Evil Monster Mage

Bearstein -> Good Animal Mage

Besides the Royals type change, we cleaned up a few different names and types. Prince Arthur got a promotion, and Oni, Pumpkin and Storm Kings got their names changed to something a little less Royal, to avoid that confusion. We also are adding Mage to a few characters that fit the profile, and can't wait to see the Aon/Bearstein mashups.


Grim Soul -> Cut

This is a change we've made before, and once again Grim Soul finds itself on the chopping block. Ultimately, Grim Soul removes more tension and drama from the game than we'd like by guaranteeing Slays rather than making you work for them. It made Slay builds quite consistent, which is counter to the intent of the mechanic, and we are excited to see the landscape without Grim Soul doing its thing. I will note that this leaves Slay as a whole balanced around a card that no longer exists, so we will be taking a good look at all the Slay cards for future balance patches. As a minor note, Trophy Hunter wasn't the driving force behind the Grim Soul change, but we don't mind the hopeless Trophy Hunter endgames showing up less often as a result.

Level 5 and 6 Swaps


Burning Tree -> Level 6, Stats to 4/20

Robin Wood -> Level 5. Text to "At the start of each brawl, give the strongest enemy -7 Attack, and your weakest character +7 Attack."

Three Big Pigs -> Level 5, Stats to 9/9, Text to "Last Breath: Summons three 3/3 Pigs."

I'm bundling these three changes together because they are all part of the same plan. The goal here is to seed the level 5 character pool with more powerful options that don't push you down just one path. That's not to say that Big Pigs or Robin Wood won't end up in Animals/Treants respectively, but buying them on five doesn't pressure you to only end up in those comps.

Additionally, moving Three Big Pigs to five does bolster Animals, which is a comp that needed a little more power. Burning Tree moves up to six to make room (and to avoid the problem of buying Burning Tree on five and feeling forced into Treants), while getting more appropriate stats.

Other Changes


Dubly -> 2/2

Friendly Spirit -> 3/4

Ogre Princess -> 4/2

These are all characters we felt could use a little more oomph, so they've all gotten a boost in stats. Slay away, Ogre Princess.


Time Flies -> Level 4, Stats to 2/2

Time Flies moved down to four, mostly just as a way to balance numbers.


Cupid -> Evil

Don't let his chubby little face fool you - Cupid is as evil as they come. Making him evil is an upgrade to The Great Pumpkin, as it adds yet another scam option to the pool of evil characters.


Fireball -> 3 damage

Fireball felt like too much of a "must buy" spell in the midgame, and routinely wrecked even strong boards. Moving the damage down to three mitigates that, and makes it more of a decision whether to snap off Fireball when you see it.


Mimic -> Level 6

Mimic is one of the best Treasures when it has the right friends, and led to some of the more unbeatable boards a little too often. Bumping it to six retains the dream of fun combos, though at a much lower frequency.


Singing Sword -> Your front row characters have +15 Attack.

Singing Sword has been the best level six Treasure for quite some time, and was one of the biggest culprits when it came to attack numbers you had no hope of surviving. This change pulls back the power level significantly (especially with Treants), while giving The Great Pumpkin and Animal builds a Treasure they can make good use of.


Embiggening Stone -> Characters in your shop have +10/+10.

Embiggening Stone was by far the least-picked Level Six Treasure, and for good reason - most games, by the time you found it, you were no longer interested in buying low-level characters. This change still makes it a powerful pick when you find it early (via Treasure Map or Hoard Dragon), while giving it utility even later in the game. This has been a fun change, and I can't wait to get to play more with it.

Feature Additions



Profile is here! Now you can see your last several casts of characters, treasures and how well you did. Your final cast is recorded for practice games, group games, and ranked games. Since patch 69, we have worked on recording who your winningest hero is, how many times you have been in the top 4 and what your current number of 1st places is. Have thoughts on what we should add? Tells us in our discord server #Feedback channel or on Twitter!


Muting Emotes In-game

Too many emotes? You can now mute players in game and unmute them!

To mute a player, select their image in the side bar to show mute toggle button.

Bug Fixes & Improvements