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Introducing SBB99

There's a new game mode coming to SBB, and Matt Nass has all the details!

Hi everyone, Matt Nass here, and today I’m going to share some details on a new game mode we’ve been toying with - SBB99! I’ll look at what we’ve done so far and how our first playtest went, as well as what we’re planning on doing next.

What is SBB99

SBB99 is a version of Storybook Brawl, where you face off against 99 opponents. The rules are largely the same as an 8-player game, except that 100 players are in. SBB99 has a few key differences that made us think it could have potential:

Our First Playtest

After talking to our friendly neighborhood Wrapter, we concluded that SBB99 would also not be too difficult technically! Our queues were already built to scale, and he managed to get an initial version of the feature super fast. We immediately set up a playtest on our external environment which garnered a lot of excitement.

We ran the playtest for a few hours on the weekend and it was a great time. The games ran pretty smoothly, and players got to battle in these monster lobbies. We also learned a lot about what we can improve going forward.

Next Steps

Now we’re looking forward to how to bring SBB99 to the live environment. Here are a few key pieces that we need to figure out before bringing SBB99 to live:


In order to make sure we can fire SBB99 queues quickly and with the right number of players, we are going to make SBB99 into a special event. We will announce the dates ahead of time, and while the SBB99 queue is open, it will replace the 8-player Ranked queue. The SBB99 playtest we ran was a fantastic community event, and we look forward to bringing that same energy to live. Additionally, we will have a backstop so that the queues fire every five minutes regardless of how many players are in, so you won’t have to wait too long.


Making sure players know what is happening while the event is running is important to us. Here are a few things we’re looking at.

Long Term

While a lot of our focus right now is about getting SBB99 out to players and figuring out what we need for a Version 1.0, we’ve also begun to think about the long term potential of SBB99. Here are some of the things we’re thinking about:

Overall, I’m super excited for the potential of SBB99. Making sure we have a variety of awesome experiences in the game is important to our team, and this is the first of hopefully many to come! For future updates about our SBB99 playtests, be sure to follow our Twitter, join our Discord community and subscribe to our newsletter. Until next time, enjoy playing 100 player lobbies!

-Matt Nass