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Weekly SBB99 Playtests

Want to help playtest our newest game mode? Read on for more details!

A few weeks ago, we introduced SBB99, and we are happy to invite you to join in on the fun. We are going to playtest SBB99 each Friday from 12-3 pacific, starting tomorrow, May 20th! These playtests will be run on the SBB Beta Environment, which anyone can join. All you have to do is follow these instructions, though joining the Beta Discord is also recommended.

This is how to download the Beta client:

  1. Right click on SBB in your steam menu and click properties.
  2. Go to the "BETAS" tab.
  3. Under enter beta access code to unlock private betas, enter "COURTwizard42".
  4. Now in the dropdown that says select the beta you would like to opt into, select "external-test"
  5. Download the build.
  6. To play SBB99, you just need to click the PLAY BRAWL button during the scheduled event time.

A few notes:

  1. To join, make sure you are on the "external-test" version (see instructions above). You should see version "0.70.6|Blue" in the bottom left of the game. If you do, you're good to go, and can join the queue using the regular PLAY BRAWL button.
  2. The SB99 queue will open at 12pm PST and stay up for three hours. We'd like everyone to join right at 12pm to make sure the first game fills. From there feel free to join / re-join at any time, though you may experience longer queue times and games with less than 100 players.
  3. Please remember this is an early playtest of SBB99, so it's not polished and there might be bugs along the way.
  4. Help us squash those bugs! We appreciate any feedback you submit to our team by using the F8 button during your playtest or posting in the #bugs channel here on this server. If you can, please note in the F8 that you're playing SBB99.

Good luck and enjoy the brawling!