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Behind The Art - Character Redesigns

Updated Bearstein character design

Today I am very excited to start sharing with you the redesigns of many of the Storybook Brawl characters you know and love. After reviewing the initial script for our first cinematic, we gathered all the card illustrations of the characters who would appear in the story. There was only one problem - we needed a consistent visual style for the animation team to work from and the cards had a bit too much visual variety.

We quickly brought on our senior concept artist, Rafael Zanchetin, to work on updating all the designs of all the characters who would appear in the cinematic. We were inspired by the big, bold shapes of storybook illustrators such as Maurice Sendak, John Bauer, and Moebius, as well as the animation industry itself. All the while, we had to keep true to what we felt Storybook Brawl art should be, and create something that felt fresh and had appeal.

One of the main characters in the story will be Bearstein, and you can see his updated design below.

You'll find out more about the giant spellbook he carries on his back when we release our first graphic novel, which is also in the works!

Stay tuned, as we'll be soon releasing all of the new designs of the characters who will appear in the new cinematic over the next couple of weeks.