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Patch Notes 71.15

Check out the new cosmetic select feature, new art, and card changes from Patch 71.15 with LSV!

Welcome to Patch Notes for Patch 71.15! This patch brings you a Snow Angel remake, some character and treasure changes, the first version of the highly-anticipated cosmetic select, and plenty of bug fixes. We've got a lot of action to cover, so let's jump in!

New Feature - Cosmetic Select


We have added the ability to select which cosmetics you would like to use. You can favorite hero skins, as well as hero frames to pick which version you'd like to show up in game. We will soon add this for emotes as well, meaning you'll be able to customize which emotes you'd like to use. Note that this is version 1, and we plan to continue iterating and improving on the visuals over time.

New Art / Names


Baby Root has spiffy new art - how could anyone be so cruel as to attack the Baby Root now?


Grumblegore is no more! Boom Hilda is the new name for this monstrous support, to better match her new artwork.

Card Changes


The Chupacabra -> 8/6

Feasting Dragon -> 6/8

We made these two changes for the same reason - we want to buff some of the early Slay characters, particularly those with interesting outputs. I love a Feasting Dragon, and now it's that much more likely to feast (Chups is cool too, but my heart is with FeastyD). At 8/6 and 6/8 respectively, these are better buys early and more likely to spend a little more time on your squad.


Dracula's Saber -> +1/+1

Drac's Saber was originally +2/+0, and got changed to +2/+1 after being fairly ineffective. As it turns out, +2/+1 is a bit too many stats over the course of a brawl, and this became a treasure you were obliged to pick too frequently. The change to +1/+1 still gives you a lot of power as the fight goes on, but is not as crushing, especially when found early or against token strategies.


Fairy Queen's Wand -> +7/+7

The intention of Fairy Queen's Wand was never to compete with the other level 7 Treasures, but it was falling too far behind even the level 6's. The goal here is a treasure that's weaker than your other options but gives you an extra bonus if you take down the lobby - a victory lap of sorts. At +7/+7, it's strong enough to justify if it's close, or if you're as confident as Matt Nass.

Hero Change


Snow Angel -> When you level up, get a random Good character of your level.

Snow Angel has returned to tell its tale, and now triggers on level up instead of anything related to buying. This is a mashup of Snow Angel's original concept and a hero we've tested for quite some time on beta, and should push you somewhat toward Good by giving you Good characters. However, because you aren't required to only buy Good characters, there's a lot more flexibility. It gives you four free characters over the course of the game, which goes a long way towards early board presence and direction for later comps.

Rules Updates


Cupid -> When I attack and damage a character, it attacks a character on its own side.

Since Cupid has to actually damage whatever it attacks, Soltak Ancient now prevents Cupid's ability, which lines up to what most people thought should happen.

It Was All a Dream

You now have the option to skip selecting a new hero on It Was All a Dream (for zero gold). IWAD is one of the most fun spells, and having to switch to a weaker hero detracted from it, so now you aren't forced to do so.

Attack animation speed-up changes

We've made some changes to animation speedup to have it ramp up in speed more gradually and cap out at a slower speed. Let us know what you think!

Banning treasures on certain heroes:

Some treasures do literally nothing on specific heroes, so we are expanding the banlist for those heroes (with Pan's Shadow already being unable to see Staff of the Old Toad, for example). King Midas doesn't need Sky Castle, and we are now saving Loki players from picking Crystal Ball or other spell treasures out of habit (not that I've ever done that, nope).

Bug fixes & Improvements