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What to Watch For in the Summer Championship!

This weekend 32 of the best players in the world battle it out for 8 coveted invitations to the World Championship. Here are some hot takes to keep your eyes on.

This is a very exciting weekend for the Storybook Brawl competitive scene - it is the culmination of 3 months of exciting tournaments and we will be awarding eight more coveted invitations to the 2022 World Championships live from The Bahamas in December!

As exciting as Worlds invites are however, there are a ton of exciting storylines happening this weekend for those "in the know." Here is the inside scoop on what to watch for this weekend at the Summer Championship.

Don't Sleep on Stardust2187

Those of you who watched Day Two of the June #SBBMonthly may recall that after eleven rounds of brawl play, Stardust2187 was on an absolute tear. After finishing Day One in fourth place overall with an impressive 58 points, they left their fellow competitors in the dust at the start of Day Two with 1st place finished in ALL FOUR rounds to start the day. That means after 11 total rounds of play, Stardust had SEVEN 1st place finishes. Unfortunately, during Round 5 on day two, Stardust was forced to step away from the tournament and thus was not able to secure a Top 8 bid.


You might think the story ends there, but come on, this is Storybook Brawl - we love a fairy tale ending! Of course we extended Stardust2187 a discretionary invite to the Summer Championship and they graciously accepted. So if you dont remember anything else this weekend - keep a close eye on Stardust2187.

Is it time for "The People's Champion" to finally get there?

If you were to fly to the MGM Grand in Vegas right now - who would the favorite to win the event be? A safe answer would be one of the three #SBBMonthly winners or maybe even last season's champion back for another run. But dont count your golden chickens quite yet folks, because "The People's Champion" Jebas received a discretionary invite by popular demand, and he is out to slay. After so many close misses (including missing a Worlds Invite by ONE point at the Spring Championship) this not only could be Jebas time to shine, could he actually be the favorite to win it all?


Worlds invites for ninth? Tenth? ELEVENTH?

Of course you know that this weekend's Top 8 players will received that golden invite to the 2022 World Championships (live from The Bahamas in December) - but what you might not realize is that if someone who is already qualified for Worlds makes Top 8 again - their invite automatically passes down to the next highest finisher in the standings. Not only that, but this weekend we have Three Big Pigs in the race - aaronlgertler, May, & NuclearGoo have each already punched their Worlds ticket - which means we could see 9th place, 10th place, or even 11th place finishers this weekend receive that Worlds invite. Keep an eye on those tiebreakers!


Did you know that we name the SBBMonthlies after previous winners?

Well... not really, but May certainly shined earlier this Spring! Back in late March, May (one of the most active and respected players in the SBB Competitive Discord) took advantage of an invite to the Spring Championship by putting on a fabulous performance - grabbing the silver medal and punching her ticket to the World Championship. But May is not one to be satisfied with a second place! Not even 30 days later May followed up her Champs run by crushing the April #SBBMonthly and being the first player qualified for this weekend's Championship. I for one cannot wait to watch and see if she will be able to claim yet another Top 8.


Gold, Traditions, & Charity

For those who have been with us from the beginning, you will know that we have a proud tradition of inviting the previous season's champion back to the next season's Championship. This month, that honor goes to Gold Pro Aaron Gertler, who has quite the resume in 2022 so far:


Not only is Aaron a fantastic competitor who deserves all the laurels for his success, but he is also someone who fully embraces the Storybook Brawl philosophy of giving back. Every dollar awarded this season is matched dollar-for-dollar by SBB to the charity of each player's choice (Aaron chose Givewell's Maxium Impact Fund). But Aaron took this one step further and has donated all of HIS portion as well, doubling the amount given to charity. A Gold pro with a heart of gold.

Pro Club / Player of the Year race

In case you missed the announcement - we have officially started the SBB Pro Club, an honor awarded to Storybook Brawl tournament competitors who show consistent performance throughout the year. While the majority of points are awarded during SBBMonthlies, there are still some bonus points awarded to players who Top 8 the championships.

In addition to these bonus pro points, all players who Top 8 are instantly granted Silver status and the champion this weekend is granted Gold status. Here are a few players this weekend who will most take advantage of these extra Pro points:


What else are you watching for?

Honestly this is just a handful of the exciting storylines these players will be experiencing this weekend. Be sure to tune into coverage all weekend with Eilidh, Paulo, Cedric, and Mani as they bring you all the exciting Championship action.


What are you wishing most to see this weekend?

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Qualified Players

April Top 8 May Top 8 June Top 8 Discretionary Invites
May Ikarus BBD Aaron Gertler
vanandmunter181 ralle NuclearGoo Stardust2187
Arceusisgood Mostafa Wait4Godot Jebas
L$Vero Honey mobo.boyd Endozoa
ScottyDont Takimoto Hifumin W1TCH0R lucaszazi
CobaltWolf Boron? Connor ManuS
Yeekbacca Dook Silver* mr.nice101295 superchería
SmallStreet fantti* Firestorm Matt Oblivium

*This invite was passed down, when another player who qualified through this event couldn't participate.