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Patch Notes 71.20

Card changes, emote selection, and loads of new art! Let's dive into the changes with LSV!

Welcome to Patch Notes for Patch 71.20 - we’ve got a lot of balance changes, a new character, emote selection, and a ton of new art. Let’s dive in!

LSV & Matt Nass discuss the new changes

Balance Changes



Queen of Hearts -> 1/1

Queen of Hearts dominated the midgame too easily, with just two other Evil characters making her effectively a 5/7. By reducing her to 1/1 starting stats, we bring her more in line with other characters at level three.


Princess Wight -> 3/5

Princess Wight needed a little extra juice, and giving her +1/+1 is enough to make her the fairest of them all.


Amy -> 6/6

Greedy -> 5/9

Angry -> 10/15

These Dwarves are getting some buffs, as they do cool things and have been a little behind the rest of the pack (my pro-Greedy agenda has finally paid off). Plus, Angry really should have been better at hitting things to begin with.


Copycat ->2/10

Copycat has fallen out of favor, and we'd like to encourage its unique play pattern. Two extra health means it will survive a little more often, and enables various combo comps.


Wombats -> 5/5

They could be anything, even a level 6! Wombats are one of the most fun characters in the game, and we wanted them to earn a place on your team more often than they do now.


Hercules -> 25/25

Hercules is one of the best level 6 characters to get ahead of schedule, but struggles to complete his quest if you get him much later than that. By increasing his stats to 25/25, we are making it a little less of a Herculean task, and something you may go for even when you've been level 6 for a few turns.


Boom Hilda -> Gained "Mage" type

After we got the new art and concept for Boom Hilda, it was hard to justify not adding "Mage". Plus, this opens the door for more Aon combos, which I'm certainly not going to say "no" to.



Xelhua -> 40 Health

Xelhua is consistently at or near the top of the list when it comes to hero winrates, and is powerful enough in the lategame to not need the extra boost in health.



Radiant Prism -> The World Tree

Having two Level 7 Prisms didn't really make sense, so this is switching to a different (and more flavorful) concept in The World Tree. (Remastered art coming soon)


Book of Heroes -> +2/+2

Book of Heroes wasn't feeling particularly heroic, especially given all the pieces you needed to have it work. As such, we are buffing it.

New Cards

Princess Pea - Good Royal Level 6 10/10

I get double bonuses from Supports.
Last Breath: Give the characters Supporting me my Attack and Health this brawl.

Royals has been missing a non-quest Level 6 character for a while now, so Princess Pea to the rescue! All she wants is some good support, which is a key to a good night's sleep.

New Art


There's a ton of new art going into the client - check out the sweet additions!




New Features

Emote Selection in Collection


We've added emote selection! Now you can pick the perfect combination of emotes to express yourself in game (I can't resist some Trash Panda emotes myself).

Bug Fixes and Improvements