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Untapped.gg Announcement

A new stats site, overlay updates, and exclusive cosmetics!

Hi everyone, Matt Nass here! Today I'm going to break down what's new with our amazing partners at Untapped.gg. This includes improvements to the overlay, a wide variety of Storybook Brawl stats, and rewards for subscribers.



The Untapped.gg Overlay is getting a makeover and it looks awesome! Here are some of the new features:

As always, the overlay also provides an in-game browser that lets you quickly view all characters, treasures, and spells available in the game.

Get stats from the start in your Hero selection.

Stats Site

Untapped.gg is also introducing a new stats site. It has:

The Hero Tier List shows how powerful and how popular each SBB Hero is.
The winning Builds page has thousands of searchable final boards.

Subscriber Rewards

Subscribing to Untapped.gg Premium will earn you tons of awesome rewards inside Storybook Brawl!


You'll gain the Untapped Hero Frame on subscription. It will upgrade every 90 days, culminating in a gem-adorned animated frame.

You'll also choose an exclusive Hero costume, and earn an additional costume every 90 days. Circus Pup, Frozen Phoenix Wonder Waddle, and Severed Soul Fallen Angel are the initial batch, but there will be more to come!

In addition to these cosmetics, Premium subscribers gain access to extended data-driven insights on the site and in the overlay!

Learn more about Untapped.gg Premium.

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Your Potential is Untapped

We're super excited about this partnership, and it is only the beginning. Until next time, enjoy Untapped.gg!