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Patch Notes 73.2

Some patches are too small, some are too big, but this one is juuuust right.

Welcome to Patch Notes for Patch 73.2! We've got more new Heroes, some impactful balance changes, and a ton of new art for you. Between the two new Heroes and changes to some of the games supporting cast, as it were, this patch will shake things up nicely - read on to find out the full details!

New Heroes


When you level up, you get +2 gold and your next shop is all characters of your level.

Once you level up, everything is just right. Goldilocks gives you an appealing shop and extra gold every time you hit a new level, making it that much easier to assemble the comp you are looking for. After you level up, the first full shop refresh you see (whether by rolling or by starting turn without a locked shop) will have all characters of your level, giving you a wide variety of options. You may not get a bonus for buying Baby Bear with Goldilocks, but her ability does make it more likely you will find one on level 5!


You start with a 1/1 Baby Puff Puff. (Last Breath: Give all your Puff Puffs everywhere +1/+1 permanently.)

Puff Puffs are the unofficial mascot of Storybook Brawl, so it's only fitting that one becomes a Hero. Puffy starts with a Baby Puff in play, and not only does it grow over time, but so do all your other Puff Puffs. Start your game off on the right foot (not that Puffs have them), and get going with Puffy right away!

Since Puffy is using the original art, Puff Puff (the character) is getting a makeover too!

Balance Changes


Sporko / Lady of the Lake -> 2/2 stats, +4 support bonus

Sporko and Lady have been the best buys at level 4 for quite some time, and are part of the engine that makes Empress Pea so strong (note that while we aren't changing Empress Pea this patch, she's very much on our watchlist for potential future changes). Reducing their stats to 2/2 and bonuses to +4 makes them merely strong, instead of a must-buy, and the aim is to mix up which characters end up on your team.


Evil Eye -> Level 4

Horn of Olympus -> Level 5

These two support Treasures are swapping levels, as it turns out that Horn ends up having a bigger impact in most games (especially when combined with Empress Pea). Slay / Support builds will still have access to these Treasures, just not quite in the same order.


Wombats in Disguise -> 6/6

Who doesn't love a good trio of wombats? We certainly do, and buffing one of the sweetest characters in the game was not a tough sell for us. This change makes Wombats a bit more appealing to buy early, and a fair amount stronger when upgraded.


Oni Tyrant -> Now gives +13/+13 to attacking Monsters

It's good to be king. Oni Tyrant has lagged behind other level 6 characters for a while, so we are taking the opportunity to make him a real Demon in combat. This change makes Monster builds a bit stronger, and widens the range of what you might play with or against.

Art Updates

Bug Fixes & Improvements