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Patch Notes 73.4

Patch 73.4 is here - check out new art, Spooky hero costumes, and more!

Welcome to Patch Notes for Patch 73.4! In this patch, we've got two new Hero costumes, a ton of art updates, and some great bug fixes. First up, let's take a look at the new costumes:

Three Little Witches (The Fates) and Spectral Dragon (Hoard Dragon)

Not only are these two costumes gorgeous, they actually are a preview of how expansions in Storybook Brawl are going to work! We just announced that our first expansion, The Spooky Forest, is coming in Spring 2023, and new Heroes + Hero costumes are how you unlock that card pool. For full details, check out our announcement.

Art Updates

Bug Fixes & Improvements

The following server-side fixes were released on Monday: