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October SBBMonthly Details

Announcing the October SBBMonthly, which takes place on October 22-23. This tournament qualifies for the Fall Championship.

The October SBBMonthly is almost here - this is the last qualifying event for the Fall Championships, which will determine the final invites for the 2022 World Championships! Take your shot at Worlds, and earn Pro points to lock in your Pro Club status for next year!

Note that there will be regular events in November and December. They kick off the 2023 Organized Play year, which will have a SBBMonthlies every month. More details about 2023 OP will be coming soon!


Anyone who reached Mythic rank in September (finished with greater than 4,000 ranked points) is invited to play in the October #SBBMonthly. The full list of qualified players can be found here.

Before signing up for the October Qualifier, you must register your in-game and Discord names with our bot, if you haven't already.


Cash Prizes

Placement Prize
1st $1,000
2nd $600
3rd $300
4th $200
5th-8th $100
1st-8th Invite to Fall Championship
1st-16th Super Pan bundle code
Day Two 700-gem code

SBB Pro Club

Tournament Competitors will also receive progress towards SBB Pro Club status based on their finish in this tournament.

Charity Matching

As with all of our tournaments in 2022, every dollar earned by the Top 8 in this monthly will be matched by Storybook Brawl and given to the charity of that player's choice. So far, Storybook Brawl tournament competitors have raised the following for their charities!

Charity Dollars Raised
The Trevor Project $8,350
Clean Air Task Force $5,000
Child's Play $4,700
GiveWell's Maximum Impact Fund $4,050
Evidence Action's Deworm the World $3,400
Helen Keller International $1,600
Equal Citizens $1,350
Planned Parenthood $1,300
Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security $1,050
GiveDirectly $600
New Incentives $300
Against Malaria Foundation $100


Day One

Day One Flight Times

Day Time
Friday 4p PST / 12a UTC
Friday 7p PST / 3a UTC
Saturday 3a PST / 11a UTC
Saturday 6a PST / 2p UTC
Saturday 9a PST / 5p UTC
Saturday 12p PST / 8p UTC
Saturday 3p PST / 11p UTC

Day Two

Top 8 Race

Tiebreakers for Points


Full rules and information can be found in the player documentation. In summary: