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Announcing Storybook Brawl's First Expansion!

Storybook Brawl is heading to the Spooky Forest...

Halloween is coming soon, and Storybook Brawl is about to get a lot spookier! We are proud to announce that our first expansion is coming Spring of 2023 - get ready for Spooky Forest!

In Spooky Forest, you will find new Heroes, characters, treasures, spells, and mechanics, all of which are suitably spooky (and a blast to play with). Today, we have some exciting news to share about how Storybook Brawl expansions will work, and some spooky costumes for Heroes that you know and love. Plus, keep an eye out over the coming months for more previews from Spooky Forest!

LSV sat down with Matt Place to talk Spooky Forest - take a look here:

Opening a New Chapter

First things first - how does adding a new cardpool to the game work? That's a tricky question, and there are plenty of ways to answer it, from just adding all the new cards, to a rotation of some older cards out to make room, or even wilder ideas. We chose an approach that doesn't rotate any old cards out (not exactly), while also making room for a whole new set of cards - the Hero you select will determine what cards you play with that game.

Which Heroes can play with all the new Spooky treasures, characters and spells?

You will be offered characters, spells and treasures from Spooky Forest, and will play the game with that cardpool. Other players in your lobby will be a mix of new and old Heroes, depending on what they pick, and you will compete against players with different cardpools as a result. This was one of the reasons we moved away from having a shared cardpool earlier this year, as our plan moving forward is to tie new expansions to your choice of Hero.

Every Spooky Forest Hero will be purchasable by dust, the free currency you earn by playing.


To give you an example, if you select The Fates (Classic), you will play with the Set 1 (SBB Classic) card pool, and if you choose Three Little Witches (Spooky Forest), you will play with the Spooky Forest card pool, and you can choose either from Hero select when The Fates appears.

Spooky Forest won't be 100% new cards, as the SBB Classic card pool is so large - some of the Set 1 cards will be a part of the Spooky Forest card pool. The most notable buildarounds will be from Spooky Forest, and there will even be new versions of old favorites, but in order to flesh out the pool there will be a returning cast of characters from SBB Classic.

As a first taste of what you might find in Spooky Forest, take a look at these tidbits:

When it comes to Heroes, not every Hero will have a Spooky costume, though many of them will. For example, Peter Pants isn't a fan of Spooky Forest, and he chooses not to travel there, though Hoard Dragon has no such qualms. During Hero Select, you can choose which costume of each Hero to play, and therefore which cardpool to have access to. If you felt like playing Hoard Dragon, you could play as either Hoard Dragon (SBB Classic) or Spectral Dragon (Spooky Forest). Speaking of Spectral Dragon, let's take a look at our first two Spooky costumes!


These two Spooky costumes hit the store in today's patch, and you can pick them up right away for just 300 gems or 8000 dust. For the time being, they are a sweet way to dress up the Heroes you love, but when Spooky Forest releases in the spring, they will let you play as Hoard Dragon or The Fates with the Spooky Forest cardpool. I'm a huge fan of the new art, and I'll certainly be decking both of these Heroes out in style.


We are excited we got to show you these new costumes, our plans for expansions moving forward, and the theme of Spooky Forest - stay tuned for more details as we get closer to release!