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Untapped Insights #1

In his debut Untapped.gg insights article, LSV breaks down hero tiers, creative builds, new combos, and more!

Here at Storybook Brawl HQ, we have been happy to partner with Untapped.gg in a variety of ways. You may know them from their Twitch extension, which lets you mouseover cards while watching streams, or their Companion App, which gives you a ton of useful info while playing SBB yourself. Today, I'm going to dive into data from SBB.Untapped.gg, which has a lot to offer. Let's take a look!

Hero Tiers

The first thing Untapped helps you with is Hero rankings:


By tracking the average finish of each Hero, they've sorted them into Tiers from A to D. Note that the range isn't that wide (the average finishes go from 4.0 at best to 5.4 at the bottom), so any Hero is capable of good finishes.


Still, seeing the average placement, the difficulty level, and the pick rate of each Hero is good info. In general, I'd still go with whichever Hero you think you'll enjoy most, but if you are trying to hit Mythic or the like, this is a useful place to start.

These tiers also fluctuate, since they are based on finishes, and that can be affected by patches, new Heroes, and other changes. Plus, with some new Heroes, it takes a little while for the player population to really crack the code, and sometimes their average finish goes up over time.

If you are a Premium subscriber, you also get access to the Advanced Hero Tier List, which has more in-depth data on each hero:


Of course, Hero Tiers are only the beginning - let's look at some builds, which I think is the most interesting part of the website.

Final Builds

If you go to the Builds tab on the website, you can take a look at final comps, updated in real time. Here's what it looks like when you first land there:


It's neat - you can spend some time looking through the recent winning builds players have been finding success with, and it may give you some good inspiration.

Take a look at this Doombreath Slay build, for example:


Instead of Empress Pea, this build combined Riverwish Mermaid, Baba Yaga, and Slay treasures to make a gigantic Doombreath, which also let it skip Lightning Dragon. It's a neat build, and took this Xelhua all the way to first place.

Also, some builds are just hilarious - check out the pumpkin patch that Apocalypse has been growing:


Yep, that's not one, not two, but three upgraded Great Pumpkins, which I'm sure combined quite nicely with that Spear of Achilles.

After spending some time scrolling through various builds, what I suggest next is the search function:


The search bar at the top lets you select cards from each category (Treasures, Characters, and Heroes), as well as comps (like Animals, Dwarves, Mages, etc). It then only displays builds that contain the cards you selected, so you can really narrow down what you are looking at.

This is great, and a powerful tool for learning the game. Let's say that you wanted to get better at drafting Animal comps. You could select Animals, and see a bunch of comps that Untapped has flagged as such. These are going to contain tons of Bearsteins and Big Pigs and the like, which gives you a sense of the "standard" Animal build:


However, you can go deeper. What if you specifically wanted to find out how Good Boy fits into Animals. This is a great question to ask, since Good Boy isn't a typical piece, but it does have its moments. Here is what I get when I use the flags Good Boy and Animals:


Bearstein still features prominently, and Good Boy encourages the use of Echowood, good characters (of course), and stat-giving Treasures. You can scroll down to see tons of builds, since Untapped has a lot of data to work with.

The search-by-Hero is illuminating as well. You can see if certain builds pop up more on certain Heroes (like Gepetto and Animals), or which Heroes have a wide range of potential ending comps. As expected, Hoard Dragon features lots of Level 7 Treasures, and Xelhua has lots of Treant builds, but it is neat looking at Heroes like King Midas and seeing a lot of wacky builds. The Hero search can also give you some direction with new Heroes, as you can see what people are doing with them initially, though that does tend to change over time.

I've spent a lot of time messing with the Builds section on Untapped, and it's been a ton of fun. Seeing what works is great, and picking up new combos and inspiration is a powerful tool.

Brawling By The Numbers

I'm a fan of all that Untapped.gg has to offer, and this article gave you plenty of examples as to why. I'd encourage you to check out SBB.Untapped.gg, and spend some time browsing the Hero Tiers and Builds pages. It's not only fun, but it also will improve your game, or at the very least give you some meme comps to aspire to. Good luck!