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Fall Championship Announcement

40 of the world's best SBB players battle it out for $5k and the title of Champion!

The final 2022 season is almost over—it's finally time to crown the Fall Champion!

Fall Championship Details

On November 5–6th, 40 of the world's best Storybook Brawl players will battle it out for $5,000 in prizes and the title of Champion. In addition to these prizes, the Top 8 finishers will all receive an exclusive invite to the 2022 World Championship - our grandest event of the year!

Where can I watch?

The entire #SBBChamps tournament weekend will be streamed live at twitch.tv/storybookbrawl. An exceptional team of broadcasters, who will be announced very soon, will bring you all the action.

Day One Top 8
Saturday Sunday
10a PDT 10a PST
40 players 8 players
6 rounds Race Format (25)


What are the prizes and format?


Finish Prize
1st $2,000 + Worlds Invite
2nd $1,000 + Worlds Invite
3rd & 4th $500 + Worlds Invite
5th - 8th $250 + Worlds Invite
Everyone 800 gems

Day One

Day One will begin at 10am PDT on Saturday, November 5 and will consist of 6 rounds of standard SBB scoring for all 40 players. After six rounds of competition, the Top 8 competitors will be invited back for Day Two.

Top 8

The Top 8 will begin at 10am PST (mind the daylight savings switch) on Sunday, November 6 and will consist of a Top 8 Race format. The Championship race has a higher threshold than the #SBBMonthly. Here players will need 25 points to be ‘live’ before they are eligible to win the tournament by winning a lobby. Once a champion is crowned, the remaining players will finish based on their point totals using the above tiebreakers.


Who are the qualified players?

The 40 Championship competitors are made up of the Top 8 finishers of the July, August, September, & October #SBBMonthly tournaments, as well as discretionary invites awarded by the Storybook Brawl team.

July SBBM August SBBM September SBBM October SBBM Discretionary
HasNoName2 jasoniltg mobo.boyd Ana11yzed Wait4Godot
Arceusisgood aarongertler Yeekbacca Ribbit zazi
Robs Mx NinjaSniPAH komodo CasuallyRay
Dynasty The_Rake ShadowOfACowl pavlov Dook Silver
dweebdog ayanie Sherfloch Stardust2187 Jebas
Scubatoad JZS_M4NI0U jrm1ah AlphaFrog Honey
Muxi Kevo mr_saber BBD sjow
Takimoto Hifumin Moartel daimos Champy KlekTheCluck

This list will be updated with the discretionary invites, and any replacements if needed.


How can I qualify for tournaments like this?

Want to compete with the best in the world and try your hand in tournaments? All of the #SBBMonthly tournaments are open entry for anyone who reached Mythic rank during the previous month! Once youve hit Mythic, be sure to join the official SBB Discord and signup for tournament play!

Next Season

Next season marks the start of the 2023 Organized Play year. A full announcement will be made soon!


Other helpful info

Points Breakdown

This #SBBChamps tournament will use the standard SBB scoring as outlined below

Finish Points
1st 10
2nd 8
3rd 7
4th 6
5th 4
6th 3
7th 2
8th 1


The tiebreakers for placement in the #SBBChamps will follow top-to-bottom as such: