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Fall Championship - What to Watch For!

The Fall Championship is this weekend - read on to find out who’s playing and what’s at stake!

It feels like just yesterday that "The People's Champion" Jebas made a miraculous comeback to take down the Summer Championship. Yet here we are a few months later, ready to crown the Fall Champion, the Player of the Year, and the final 8 invites to the World Championship in the Bahamas. Before joining the fantastic crew of Eilidh, Paulo, Cedric, & Mani on coverage this weekend, let's take a look at what to watch for at the Fall Champs this weekend.


Final 8 Invites to the World Championship

This weekend marks the conclusion of the 2022 Organized Play year for Storybook Brawl. Not only will we crown our last seasonal champion, but we will also find out who the final 8 competitors will be at the 2022 World Championship, live from The Bahamas in just one month!

Quick reminder of who is qualified already:

Spring Season Summer Season
AaronGertler* Jebas*
May Yeekbacca*
Conker W1tch0r
Redrame Ralle
Ssilver Vanandmunter181
FFfreak Takimoto Hifumin*
psyduck CobaltWolf
NuclearGoo Arceusisgood*

* As you can see in bold above, 5 players competing this weekend are already headed to Worlds. Players will keep fighting throughout the day Saturday, as up to 13th place could possibly mean a Worlds invite!

Player of Year Race

With the year coming to a close this weekend, this is the last chance for players to earn Pro Points and make a run at Player of the Year!

Whoever earns the most Pro Points from last December through this weekend will be crowned 2022 Player of the Year and earns the following benefits:


While there have been some incredibly consistent performances by pros this year, this race is coming down to two final competitors: Wait4Godot & Zazi.

Wait4Godot has had an unbelievable year with 5 top-64s and 4 top-16s out of 10 Monthlies and is sitting at a comfortable 41 Pro Points. However, don't count Zazi out yet - with 3 top-16s and 5 top-64s of his own, Zazi has 38 Pro Points and a chance to make one final run!

On Championship weekends, 3 Pro Points are given to the winner, 2 points to Top 4, and 1 point to Top 8. If Zazi manages to both take 1st place this weekend and keep Wait4Godot out of the Top 8, they will both finish with 41 Pro Points on the year and will force a special Player of the Year Playoff!

Can the great BBD Three-peat and make it to Worlds?

In October, BBD made history as the first player to ever win two SBBMonthlies, having previously won the Monthly in June. Unfortunately for BBD, the Summer Champs were not friendly, and he was not able to punch a Worlds ticket there. Can he ride the wave from October and turn his success into a Worlds seat this time around? Could he be the first to win three tournaments before anyone else wins two?


Is The People's Champion the favorite again?

During the Summer season Jebas, best known for being the SBB99 Supercrowns leader, was the king of just barely missing. On Day One of the Summer Champs, it looked like he might have the same fate after claiming an 8th and a 7th in the morning's first three rounds. However, he rallied back with the fans behind him, finishing the day with three straight 1st-place finishes into a great Top 8 run. This time around it might be tougher sledding as the competition this weekend is FIERCE.


Have I seen you somewhere before?

Playing in a high-stakes championship-level event can really get the nerves going, but eleven of the players this weekend may have gotten those jitters out in July. The following players previously made a run at the Summer Championship and are hoping to do even better this time around!

Player Summer Champs Finish
Jebas 1st
Yeekbacca 2nd
Takimoto Hifumin 7th
ArceusisGood 9th
Wait4Godot 11th
Aarongertler 12th
Dook Silver 20th
Honey 23rd
BBD 27th
Zazi 31st
Stardust2187 32nd

Be sure to tune in to coverage this weekend starting at 10am PDT on Saturday and 10am PST (mind the daylight savings switch) on Sunday, to follow these storylines and cheer on your favorite player as they make their final run to the World Championship!