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Announcing the Winter Season of Storybook Brawl Tournaments (2023 Year)

The first phase of 2023 Organized Play is here!

The Fall Champs is over and now everyone's eyes are glued to the World Championship - live from The Bahamas - in a few short weeks, but we can't forget to kick off the new year of tournament play!  Starting in November could be a little confusing, so here is everything you need to know for the start of the next year.


The Winter Season will run November 2022 through February 2023

The Winter Season will be the first season of the 2023 Storybook Brawl year. It will kick-off with the November #SBBMonthly and run for four months, followed by a seasonal championship in late February.

Tournament Dates
November SBBMonthly Nov 19-20
December SBBMonthly Dec 17-18
January SBBMonthly Jan 28-29
February SBBMonthly Feb 11-12
Winter Championship Feb 25-26

Invites to the Winter Championship will be awarded to the Top 8 of each of the four monthlies, plus 8 discretionary invites for a total of 40 players.

The structure of tournaments this season will stay the same (for now)

The SBB team is always listening to feedback and closely watching the state of play. While we do anticipate some changes on the horizon (mainly due to the official launch of the game and public launch of mobile), we were very happy with how the past season played out. For the time being we plan no changes to the structure of the events. This means:

Pro Club for 2023

With the start of the new organized play year Pro Club Points will reset as well. We are thrilled with how the Pro Club played out this past year and are excited to run it back again this year! Here is what that means for you:

Sometimes with systems like these it's helpful to see an example. Let's see how this plays out in practice:

Looking forward to the rest of 2023

There are a ton of exciting things on the horizon for Storybook Brawl - Worlds, official launch, mobile launch, and Spooky Forest being just the beginning! As you can imagine with all of these huge events there are sure to be impacts to tournaments as well. Early next year we will provide more details on what the rest of the 2023 organized play system will look like.

Until then - enjoy the 2022 World Championship live from the Bahamas December 2-4, and best of luck in the Winter Season!