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Patch Notes 74.13

One of SBB's biggest updates to date, with overhauled visuals and more!

Welcome to Patch Notes for version 74.13! We are excited to bring you a huge update here, with a new board, new frames, tons of new art, bug fixes, feature improvements, and a bunch of balance changes. As we tweeted last week, we will continue to work on new content and updates, and we are happy to bring you this big patch just in time for the holidays. Cheers!


New Board & Frames!

Earlier this year, we previewed new card frames and a new board to match. After a lot of hard work, they're finally here! We're proud to present this new look that matches our vision.


The new board and frames, along with all the artwork we've been updating since this summer, will set the tone for Storybook Brawl's visual experience going forward.


More Leaderboard Stats

The leaderboard has a new horizontal position, and includes a few extra goodies when hovering over a player there. In addition to their hero's abilities and the player's level, you now see counters for winstreaks and number of treasures. It also shows the overall alignment of their team - 'Good', 'Evil' or 'Neutral' based on whichever is most prevalent, or 'Unaligned'' if it's tied. Note that these stats aren't updated in real time, you see a snapshot from the start of the phase.

New Music

While the original theme we all know and love has served us well, it's time for something different. The new music system features multiple pieces and dynamically changes throughout the game. This is just the start, as this gives us more powerful tools to tailor the game's music going forward.

New Player Experience


Alongside the visual and music updates, we've also overhauled new players' introduction to the game. The tutorial is now more in-depth, introducing new mechanics over multiple games and features the first implementation of voiceovers in-game!


You'll notice a new face when playing through the tutorial - meet Iggy! This new Hero is exclusive to the new player experience (for now).

If you would like to try out the tutorial, log out from your SBB account through the options menu, then pick "I'm New" on the landing screen.

New Untapped Costume & Updated Hero Frame


Dragon Sculptor Geppetto is joining Untapped.gg Premium's exclusive cosmetics - subscribers choose a Hero costume & emotes set to keep every 90 days. We're also shipping the first upgrade to the Untapped Hero Frame!

Balance Changes



The Sphinx -> Same hero power, add "When you have 20 or less health, you see 2 spells in your shops"

Sphinx has needed a little love for a while, and seeing multiple spells works nicely with its hero power. It was a bit too much to start out with that ability, so the health gate has it kick in midway through the game (or sooner if you're having a particularly tough game).


Mordred -> Now plays your leftmost character in hand instead of your strongest.

This is a minor power level buff, as you have more optionality with what Mordred summons. It avoids the awkwardness of needing to sell a high-strength character, making it more of a quality-of-life change than anything else.



Cursed Throne -> Level 2

Cursed Throne is one of the more fun Treasures, and was a little too weak at Level 3. By making it Level 2, you can get started on your Royal Monster build earlier.


Summoning Portal -> Level 5, +2/+2

Summoning Portal enables various Summon builds, such as Animals and The Great Pumpkin, and the new version is powerful enough to push you in those directions more often.


Evil Eye -> Level 5

After trying Evil Eye at Level 4, we've decided it's too strong, and moved it back up to Level 5. Slay builds now have two desirable Level 5 Treasures to search for, making it a little less consistent that they have the perfect comp.


Ugly Gosling Helm -> Level 4 +10/+10

Ugly Gosling Helm was one of the least-picked Level 5 Treasures, so swapping this and Summoning Portal (with a number adjustment as needed) gives you another stat Treasure to take at level 4 when you are behind.

Remove Book of Heroes

Remove The Ark

Both of these Treasures weren't really getting there, and we've removed them as a result. Book of Heroes was an oddball, and relied on facing specific opponents (while also having pseudo-Slay without saying the keyword), and The Ark was just not a build-around worth going for very often.



Wretched Mummy -> 3/1

This buff gives Trophy Hunter and Muerte some help, while also making Mummy a stronger character to buy even without combos.


Fairy Godmother -> "Your good characters have +2/+2"

The old version of Fairy Godmother led to long (and strange) fights, while also being weak in most comps. This version is cleaner and has a more clear application, and still gives Good comps something to build around in the midgame.


The Chupacabra -> "Slay: Your monsters everywhere have +1 attack"

The Chupacabra is now more of a long-term Monsters build-around than a way to pump your Sporko or Baba Yaga, and the goal is to give Monsters a new angle to pump their team in the long game. It's especially good with Pumpkin, even if you eventually transition off The Chupacabra.



Ride of the Valkyries -> +4 Attack

Ride of the Valkyries lagged behind most other spells, and now is something you are more likely to buy if you need help winning a brawl.

Remove Cat's Call

Cat's Call was one of the more frustrating spells to play against, especially since you often didn't realize it was coming until it popped. It was also the strongest combat spell in the midgame, and even in the lategame some builds could really take advantage of it. We want to see what the world without Cat's Call looks like, even if it isn't necessarily gone for good.

Art Updates


Several cards were renamed:

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Known Issues


This patch is one of our biggest updates to date, and we're excited to hear about your experience with it. Remember to use F8 in-game to report bugs, and join our Discord to share other feedback!