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Patch Notes 74.16

Check out these patch notes to learn about improvements, bug fixes, and a free holiday gift!

Welcome to Patch Notes for patch 74.16 - this is a smaller patch than most, but we wanted to get in board improvements and bug fixes. Let's take a look at what we've got on deck!

Free Holiday Bundle!


In celebration of the holiday season, we are giving everyone a free holiday bundle! Go to the store now to claim your Festive Sad Drac costume plus five emotes - but do it soon, since the bundle will only be available for a limited time.

Note: the Spooky Costumes preview bundle for Hoard Dragon and The Fates have been removed to make room for the holiday bundle.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Last week we released a major overhaul to our board, card frames, and UI, but that was just the start - we will be iterating and making lots of improvements. Thank you everyone for your feedback so far!