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Beauty Hero Guide by Matt Nass

Beauty is one of our trickier heroes, but have no fear! Matt Nass has a hero guide with all the tips and tricks you need next time you play her.

Welcome to the Beauty hero guide. Beauty is sometimes tough to utilize, but can create some of the most powerful late game comps in the game. Beauty lets you fundamentally break the alignment rules of Storybook Brawl, which can be incredibly powerful.

Hero Power

Beauty's hero power is all about taking advantage of the synergies with good and evil characters. Getting to use Ancient Sarcophagus alongside a Good Witch and Fairy Godmother offers a lot of flexibility.

Hero Gameplan

Your main focus should be abusing as many of these synergies as possible.

Early Game

Beauty tends to be one of the weaker early game heroes, so your main goal is staying alive. Unicorn and Minotaur will work on all of your characters, and the support witches can pump anything.

Mid/Late Game

There are a few characters and treasures that get really strong with Beauty's Hero power. Good Boy and Pumpkin King go up in stock a ton. Shoulder Faeries can take stats from any character as well.

Sample Comps

Comp 1

Treasures: Deepstone Mine, Ancient Sarcophagus, Deck of Many Things
Characters (in slot order): Good Boy, Dubly, Dubly, Tweedle, Amy, Lordy, Pumpkin King

Comp 2

Treasures: Bad Moon, Cloak of the Assassin, Sting
Characters: Vain-pire, Lightning Dragon, Shoulder Faeries, Shoulder Faeries, Baba Yaga, Riverwish Mermaid, Jormungund

Comp 3

Treasures: Ancient Sarcophagus, Mimic, Spear of Achilles
Characters: Good Boy, Baby Bear, Three Big Pigs, Rotten Appletree, Three Big Pigs, Echowood, Pumpkin King


Ancient Sarcophagus is by far the Treasure with the biggest stock increase on Beauty. Getting to abuse classics like Pumpkin King and Three Big Pigs along with things you wouldn't expect like Princess Peep is clutch.

Tips and Tricks / Key Combos

Beauty now makes neutral characters count as good, so you have a lot more flexibility in plans. Even playing a Dwarf comp with Good Boy pumping up your Dublys and Tweedles is not out of the question.

Shard of the Ice Queen and Beauty's Influence are pretty efficient spells that can hit anything while you're Beauty. You will still only transform into characters that are naturally evil off Shard.

Shoulder Faeries is quite powerful on Beauty and worth planning around a bit. Stacking stats on one character like an upgraded Vainpire can lead to giant Shoulder Faeries.

Finding Beauty in Comps

The final comps you can put together with Beauty are unlike any other heroes. She's quite hard to play, but the flexibility and uniqueness of Beauty is really exciting. Until next time, may your Good Boys pump Shoulder Faeries and Pumpkin Kings.

-Matt Nass