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Celestial Tiger Hero Guide by Wait4Godot

Learn how to be a Celestial Tiger All-Star with this new Hero Guide by Wait4Godot

Celestial Tiger. For too long have I seen the masses slander this beautiful creature saying cruel things like:

"It feels very hit or miss" - CobaltWolf

"If you don't find an early treasure, you will just die" - Some Guy probably

"Tiger still dogmeat" - Karlim


I am here to convince you that Tiger is not a 'highroll or die' hero but a very consistent TEMPO machine.

Hero Power

"Double the abilities of your level 2 and 3 treasures."

When you read this hero power, which treasures come to mind?

What were the correct answers? Let's first talk about Tiger's gameplan.

Hero Gameplan

  1. Stabilize with early tempo
  2. Set up late game high roll

Okay, so Tiger's gameplan is the same as every other hero, but it does achieve these goals more potently than other heroes.

The Early Game

In response to the notion that "If you don't find an early treasure, you just die" I say: 'Well yes, that is true. But that is also the case for the majority of heroes in the game.'

Moving on, your first level 2 treasure selection is very important. You are looking for TEMPO.

Broken level 2 treasures that are consistently good

Dark Contract: Insane, absolutely busted. Not only do you win the next three fights, but it synergizes with your gameplan of buying lots of cheap characters. You get ludicrous tempo while also setting yourself up for more level 2 and 3 treasures.

Secret Stash: If you get this on level 2.2, you will likely lose the next fight because you are down two characters which is PERFECT. The gold immediately gets reinvested to get those juicy level 2 and 3 treasures.

Shepherd's Sling: Fallen Angel cosplay.

Broken level 2 treasures that are situational

Dragon Nest: Only take if you already have a dragon in hand or in the shop.

Locked Chest: This gives you two level 3 treasures when it opens. This offers no immediate tempo but if you feel strong enough, this alone is a win condition.

Monster Manual: A viable comp unto itself. (Note that a 2 attack Wretched Mummy that dies while you have a Monster Manual will deal 6 damage to an enemy character.) Only take if you already have a Mummy or a Shadow Assassin in hand or in the shop.

Honorable level 2 mentions:

The Midgame

So we have some nice tempo going, what now? Now we hunt for the elusive Treasure Map.

"But Godot, you said I failed because I thought about Treasure Map before!"

Shush. I was trying to make a point that tempo always comes first, and cheating out Excalibur on 4.0 comes second.

On our hunt for the map, there are many very strong consolation prizes along the way:

The value of these are self explanatory.

If we do not ever hit map, there is one last highroll that can bail us out:

It is of note that Sting or Haunted Helm alone are enough to trigger Lancelot's quest, making this a fairly consistent backup plan to cheat out a level 7.

And hopefully you can navigate it from there! Don't worry if you have to give up on level 7 dreams; something as simple as a Sting with a Good Boy can also win games.

So get out there and overwhelm your opponents with unparalleled tempo and then finish them off with an early Magic Sword + Tweedle combo!

Winning Comps

These are real player comps, courtesy of a sneak peak at Untapped.gg's soon-to-be launched Storybook Brawl site!

Bonus Content

Dwarves: Something worth mentioning is that Dwarves play very nicely into giving you lots of level 3 treasures, and a Triply with Helm, Sting, or Fancy Pants is very formidable.

Common Mistakes:


Editor's note: Thank you so much to Wait4Godot for this guest Celestial Tiger hero guide! Be sure to check out his stream to see all these strats in action: https://www.twitch.tv/wait4godot