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Geppetto Hero Guide by Matt Nass

Unlike Geppetto's other creations, Matt Nass tells no lies in this Hero Guide. Learn what characters to buy, which Treasures to pick, and more!

Geppetto is one of the most linear heroes in Storybook Brawl. Get things that summon Animals, and then get better things that also summon Animals as the game progresses.

Hero Power

Your hero power says very loudly to summon things. An early Black Cat or Peep will make you an early powerhouse, and it actually scales pretty well as +6/+6 is meaningful later on.

Hero Gameplan

If you find a Princess Peep, it will absolutely carry you. Use that advantage to pick up experience. Experience is extra nice on Geppetto, as hitting a new level will actually make you stronger.

Early Game

Early on, token makers like Black Cat and Peep are a priority. Other than that, the infrastructure to make token makers better is nice. That means supports, as well as things like Queen of Hearts.

Mid/Late Game

Tokens are the focus all the way through. Time Flies, Baby Bear, and Three Big Pigs are all key pieces. From there, roll into Bearstein and Echowood. It's worth noting that Echowood will be pretty strong even before you find Bearstein.


Eye of Ares, Monkey's Paw, and Summoning Portal are some of the best options for Treasures that work with tokens.

Sample Comps


These are real player comps, courtesy of Untapped.gg's soon-to-be launched Storybook Brawl site!

Tips and Tricks / Key Combos

Last Breaths aren't the only way to summon characters. Slaying with Southern Siren will count for Geppetto, as will triggering Donkey.

While Animals are by far the most likely approach, Pumpkin does also work quite nicely with Geppetto.


I hope you enjoyed this look at Geppetto. While he is a relatively focused hero, there's quite a lot of play to him. Until next time, may you find Bearstein as soon as you hit level 6.

-Matt Nass