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King Midas Hero Guide by Matt Nass

Everything Midas touches turns to gold, and Matt Nass has a Hero Guide that will soon have you racking up the trophies.

Welcome to the King Midas Hero Guide. Midas has incredible power, but also comes with a huge cost. Treasures are a fundamental part of Storybook Brawl, so getting to play with less of them really changes what strategies are viable.

Hero Power

Midas' hero power offers the ability to upgrade key characters very quickly. These can be low-level scaling characters like Wizard's Familiar or Happy little Tree, or key level 6 pieces like Good Boy or Bearstein.

Hero Gameplan

Look for opportunities to draft and quickly upgrade scaling characters. In addition to the level twos mentioned above, Spell Weaver and Heartwood Elder are also viable options. Once you've filled your slots, upgrading any characters can also make you much stronger.

Early Game

In addition to looking for scaling characters, look for characters that upgrade well. Upgrading something like Tiny will often make you weaker, but high health characters like Unicorn and Baaaad Billy generally upgrade well.

Mid/Late Game

If you are going the spell direction with Familiar and Spell Weaver, stacking Monster Books is key as you won't be able to abuse spell based treasures to cast extra spells. Otherwise, Heartwood Elder or Riverwish and Lightning Dragon are other mid game scaling options. It's also perfectly fine to play for strength and upgrade key level 6 characters if the scaling options aren't coming together. Prioritize drafting and buffing questers higher as they are your only way to access treasures.


Getting Treasures on Midas isn't the easiest, as Quest characters are the only way to do so. That said, there are some Treasures that can be quite good when you do get them.

Crystal Ball - if you can get the benefit of upgrading spell characters easily and casting spells easily, things should be smooth sailing.

If you can afford to take Staff of the Old Toad, it will be relatively easy to upgrade level 6 characters.

Horn of Olympus and Evil Eye are key treasures if you're looking at Slay, and it is also viable to upgrade a Sporko and/or a Lady and get a huge stat buff for your front row.

Noble Steed - Quests are going to be prioritized higher, so you might as well get rewarded for them.

Sample Comps


These are real player comps, courtesy of Untapped.gg's soon-to-be launched Storybook Brawl site!

Tips and Tricks / Key Combos


I hope you enjoyed this look at how to play King Midas. Playing Midas as a normal hero likely won't lead to great results, so it's important to think through what your plan is, and make choices with intention. Until next time, scale to the moon.

-Matt Nass