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Sir Galahad, Hero Guide by Matt Nass

Matt Nass breaks down how to take your Sir Galahad game to the next level!

Sir Galahad is my favorite hero in Storybook Brawl. I’ve seen a number of players play Galahad in a traditional style and dismiss him as a weaker hero. I think Galahad is at its best when played very differently from a traditional style. Today I’ll outline my approach and try to communicate why it’s both stronger and more fun than playing Galahad like you would any other SBB hero.

Things to Value

Characters that are good with buffs

Characters that are good to buff are better on Galahad. This includes characters with keywords (Ranged, Slay, or Flying), characters that mention stat buffs like Dubly or Wombats in Disguise, and even characters with high health like Rainbow Unicorn.

Characters that Scale into the late game

One of your goals with Galahad should be to keep some of your early characters in your late game comp. Certain characters like Wizard’s Familiar, Happy Little Tree, and Shadow Assassin lend themselves well to this and should be valued higher as a result.

Quest Characters

Quest characters are better on Galahad for two reasons: first, the treasure obviously buffs your team, and second, many questers are easier to trigger with the buffs from Galahad like Brave Princess or the Nutcracker.


The first step to getting a triple is getting a pair, and I take almost every pair I see on Galahad.


In order to put more pairs together and get more value out of the AOE buff, you want a lot of characters on your board and in your hand at all times. However, that’s not cheap! Characters like Ogre Princess and Lucky can help keep your board and hand full.

The Roll Button

Fundamentally, rolling helps you find triples and it should be a big focus on Galahad. Once your board is full, don’t be afraid to roll pretty aggressively for triples.

The Skip Button

With this strategy, you should be able to find a lot of level 2 and 3 treasures. Instead of replacing treasures, it's often better to just take the extra gold so you can find more triples and get more Galahad buffs.

Treasures to go for

As I said above, skipping is often a good strategy on treasures. That said, there are a few early treasures worth going for. Spinning Wheel fits in perfectly with the high resource strategy. It’s also worth noting Locked Chest double triggers Galahad’s ability. Given that the strategy focuses so much on tripling cheap characters, it’s also not uncommon to put together Hat Ball.

Late Game Comps

One of the trickiest things about playing Galahad is figuring out how to handle the late game. There are a couple different approaches to this. My personal favorite is to try and make something out of the board you currently have. A front row of Happy Little Tree, Wizard Familiar, Wombats, and Tweedle supported by Sporko, Lady of the Lake, and The Green Knight or similar can perform surprisingly well. This will go even better if you can pick up Horn of Olympus and/or Evil Eye.

The other approach is using your early game lead to pivot into a more standard final comp like Treants. This is more viable if you can use your midgame power to win a fight with Wish Upon a Star and pull ahead of the rest of the lobby. These pivots are trickier to do, but do tend to have a better chance of winning lobbies.

I hope you enjoyed this inside look at a different way to play Sir Galahad. Until next time, may you econ your way to many triples.