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Trophy Hunter Hero Guide by LSV

Trophy Hunter is one of the most feared late game Heroes, and this Hero Guide by LSV will have you racking up your own trophies in no time.

Trophy Hunter is a polarizing Hero. On the one hand, he's not overly dominant, and in fact is nearer the middle of the pack overall. On the other hand, when you lose to a good Trophy Hunter build, it feels like there's nothing you can do about it, and sometimes they wipe out your team before you've even gotten to attack. Trophy Hunter is a feast or famine hero, and today I'm going to tell you everything you need in order to feast.

Hero Power

Trophy Hunter's Hero power is one of the more powerful ones, and definitely impacts the way you play the game. Not only does it buff your Last Breath characters by giving them +2 attack, it also gives you a nice payoff if they Slay. That opens the door to getting tons more triggers, and even doing things like combining Last Breath characters with Baba Yaga or Bad Moon.

Hero Gameplan

Early Game

In the early game, you should play Trophy Hunter mostly as if the Hero power didn't exist, and just buy whatever makes you strongest. Black Cat and Mad Mim do get a little better, but those are fine buys no matter who you are, so that's not a big change either.

The goal for the early game is to not lose too many fights, as the characters you really want start at level 3 and 4.

Wretched Mummy is a powerhouse even into the late game, as getting it huge gives you the ability to mow down an entire team with one attack. Even early, it's quite good, and will give you a 2 or 3 for 1 fairly easily. Shadow Assassin is a decent pickup too, as it brawls well and grows off your Slays. I don't keep these around for too long, but they help you survive.

Mid Game

In the midgame is where your final team starts to form. There are three strong characters that get a huge boost from your Hero power, and they are what most people associate with Trophy Hunter combos.

When any of these Slay, you give yourself a huge edge, especially since they usually die in the process (giving you multiple triggers at once). Not only does that make them stronger in combat, but it also opens the door to take advantage of Slay treasures and supports, like Baba Yaga, Bounty Board, and Bad Moon.

Sporko is another great pickup, like usual, because you want to make it as likely as possible that your important characters Slay. In the midgame, I'm looking to find and buff as many of the above three characters as I can, with tripling them being especially good.

Late Game

By the late game, you've probably been working on a big Wretched Mummy, Book, or Friendly Spirit, and ideally have found some Slay treasures and Baba Yagas to go with them. As far as high-level characters, besides Baba Yaga I'm most interested in Jormungand, though there are Good Boy possibilities as well. If you can use Beauty's Influence to turn Baba Yaga good, then Good Boy can go pretty hard with Trophy Hunter's ability.

Past that, you aren't looking for many level 6 characters, and mostly want to have a front row of good Last Breath/Slay characters to combo with your back row Baba Yagas.


Due to all the Slaying that's (hopefully) going on, this can give you a ton of resources in the mid/late game. I usually do end up replacing this at the very end, but until then it definitely carries its weight.

Bad Moon is crucial in making sure your Slayer of choice grows strong enough to keep Slaying late. This combines extremely well with Baba Yaga, and is the best level 3 for this strategy by far.

These two are often found paired together, and for good reason. Here, it lets your whole front row have access to juiced up Slays, and can give you the power you need to win a fight off just one successful attack.

Winning Comps


These are real player comps, courtesy of Untapped.gg's Storybook Brawl site!

Tips and Tricks

Racking Up Trophies

Trophy Hunter is an incredibly fun Hero. You are in a race to assemble Voltron, and when you get there, it's quite satisfying. Of course, you often don't, and die with a half-baked team, but that's fun too. Good luck, and may your Mummies always Slay.