February Mythic Players

January Mythic Players Congratulations to the 1901 players who reached Mythic Rank in the month of February! All of these players are now eligible for the next #SBBMonthly Qualifier coming up in April!

January Mythic Players

January Mythic Players Place Name Rank 1 moriwo 7013 2 Wait4Godot 6772 3 Matignon 6005 4 Socretez 5731 5 Jebas 5667 6 LendoKaar 5656 7 Spinzaku 5436 8 TotallyNormalCat 5402 9 Champy 5330 10 porkee 5269 11 OccamsRazor 5231 12 Yukmouth 5192 13 joshhimself 5165 14 Sorus 5151 15 swiftwolfgaming 5078 16 Green Boi 5064 […]

December Mythic Players

Tableizer using codebeautify.org Place Name Rank 1 Dark_Goldfish 6720 2 Jebas 5684 3 Socretez 5571 4 Spinzaku 5343 5 Matignon 5341 6 chaotic pl.yr 5283 7 Modus Trollens 5270 8 Wait4Godot 5211 9 embaci 5150 10 Karlim00 5132 11 Quincunx 5051 12 RNG 5047 13 NuclearGoo 5029 14 tomjoadoldroad 5028 15 jasoniltg 5014 16 Redrame […]

Patch 64.2 Notes

Check out patch 64.2 here!

Patch 63.3 Notes

Patch Notes Here

September Qualifier Coverage

Top 8 Race Top 32 Leaderboard Day-1 Leaderboard

Patch 61.1.1


Patch 61.1

Click here for patch notes.

September Fall Championship Qualifier Announcement

Welcome to the September Fall Championship Qualifier! Today we’ll break down the players, what they are playing for, the event rules, and our plans for coverage for the September 25-26 event. Players Top 300 Ranked Ladder August Participants from last months Early Access Celebration Prizes 1st $1k 2nd $600 3rd $300 4th $200 5th-8th $100 […]

Patch 60.2

Click here for patch notes.

Early Access Celebration

Welcome to the Early Access Celebration! Today we’ll break down the players, what they are playing for, the event rules, and our plans for coverage for the August 14th event. Players Top 16 ladder Xuande randombauer (https://www.twitch.tv/randombauer) Ikarus (twitch.tv/ikarus_) MX [RFC]Chameleon (https://twitter.com/42ChameLeon ) Infinite (https://www.twitch.tv/infinite_way) Sean (https://twitter.com/_SeanGoddard_) EndoZoa (twitch.tv/endozoa) Red_bzr/tv (twitch.tv/red_bzr) SirSalty (twitch.tv/sirsalty) Kristof (twitch.tv/k_prinz) […]

Tournaments Announcement

Hi players, and welcome to our first ever tournament announcement! Today we’ll provide details for a small tournament we’re running this weekend to test our systems, as well as a bigger tournament we’re running next month! Here are the details: Early Access Mock Tournament Date: Saturday 7/17 @ 2PM PT Competitors Players may sign up […]

0.59.1 Patch Notes

Patch Notes Patch Notes

Welcome to our latest patch notes! Today we have a number of balance changes as well as some bug fixes. This update is server-side only and won’t require any download. Click Here

0.58.2 Patch Notes

Welcome to the first Storybook Brawl Patch notes! Our first week of early access has been absolutely amazing! We want to thank everyone for playing and providing feedback; the game is only going to improve from here. Our plan is to have frequent updates like this throughout early access with bug fixes, features, new cards […]