September Fall Championship Qualifier Announcement

Welcome to the September Fall Championship Qualifier! Today we’ll break down the players, what they are playing for, the event rules, and our plans for coverage for the September 25-26 event.


Top 300 Ranked Ladder August
Participants from last months Early Access Celebration

1st $1k
2nd $600
3rd $300
4th $200
5th-8th $100
1st-8th Invite to Fall Championship
1st-16th Super Pan Bundle code
17th-32nd 700 Gem code


Day One
Staggered flights at different times (TBD)
5 rounds of 8 player pods.
Points awarded for placement in each pod (specific point totals TBD)
After 5 rounds, the 32 highest point holders enter the Top 32, to be played on Sunday.

Day Two
Starts at 10am Pacific Time.
Top 32 Players play 4 rounds using point structure from above.
After 4 rounds, cut to top 8.
The top 8 will be a “race” format over several rounds. Once a player earns a specified number of points they become “live” to win the event. The top 8 will continue until one of these “live” players wins 1st place in a brawl.
Once that occurs, they are the winner of the event and the remaining players are sorted by points for standings.

Tiebreakers for points
Highest Finish
Second Highest Finish
Most points in joint matches.

Lobbies with bugs or issues at or before Hero select will be restarted.
Lobbies will play on from bugs or issues (internet disconnects etc.) after that point.
All rulings are the right of the tournament organizers.
Players must share their screen in discord while playing day two.
Streaming on twitch or other platforms is allowed for day one, but streaming with no delay is at your own risk.
Streaming on twitch or other platforms is allowed for day two, but must use the same 15 minute delay as coverage.

Coverage will only be provided for day two.
Starts at 10am Pacific Time.
Coverage will be on